Elysium: Fire & Brimstone Scrolls, Book 6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Riley and his angels have finally found their Elysium, and together, they will defend it. 

After enduring two months in Purgatory at the Seven’s mercy, Riley Shepard emerges alive but forever altered. To protect his angels, he must embrace the powerful darkness inside him, or risk the fate of the realms. 

The universe trembles under the feet of Hell’s armies, and it is time for Riley and his angels to fight. They fight for honor and justice, for freedom and family. But most of all, they fight for love. For in the end of all things, it is love that will save them. 

Let the final battle begin.

Elysium is the final book in the M/M+ harem/poly romance series, Fire & Brimstone, featuring hurt/comfort, passionately protective guardian angels, steamy love, and an unlikely hero who finally accepts his destiny. Join Riley, Gideon, Jai, and Noel in this epic conclusion to their once-in-a-lifetime love story! Trigger warnings include: aftermath of trauma, violence, gore, and death.

Kirt Graves
hr min
June 23
Nikole Knight

Customer Reviews

Bette H ,

Masterfully Brilliant! Amazing Story & Narration🎧

Nikole Knight wowed me all the way to the end of her “Fire & Brimstone Scrolls” series. This book picks up where the last one left off, Riley is back where he belongs, with his angels, not only is he is healing, both physically and psychologically, but he needs to mend his relationships with them. Like the earlier books, the story grabbed my attention and captivated it straight to the end, when I got near the end I slowed down to make the book last longer. I am going to miss these characters and the world the author built, which is absolutely fascinating. It was great to watch Riley grow into the man he had become, watch his relationship grow with Gideon, Jai and Noel, it was also great to watch them grow as well. The author does a fabulous job wrapping up storylines for some of the side characters too. You will definitely need some tissues for this book, but I loved the way direction it took near the end. I can not praise this series enough, it is an amazing paranormal fantasy that is well-written and brilliantly plotted with plenty of drama, angst, action, twists and turns, thrilling suspense, heartfelt emotions and some steamy romance. Nikole Knight, thank you for this amazing story and emotional rollercoaster ride.

🎧📚🎧 And for the amazing narration, Kirt Graves continues to deliver another outstanding performance, bringing these characters and their story to life. He had a complete understanding of every character he portrays, gave each a voice that was a perfect fit for that character’s persona, and was believable in every role he played. He was consistent with the characters’ voices throughout the series, grew with them as they grew and the quality of the audio was top-notch. Kirt Graves talent knows no bounds, he is an entertaining storyteller and versatile voice artist, and his narration enhances an already brilliant story to another level. Thank you for another exceptional listen.