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The Montgomery Ink saga continues with an unforgettable romance where two best friends make a bet that could change their lives forever. 

Bristol Montgomery and Marcus Stearn have been best friends for so long, they sometimes forget when they weren't as close as they are now. While friends and family think there's something beneath the surface of their friendship, the two have always been steadfast in their stance on no heated looks or deeper feelings. 

The problem? Years ago, they promised each other that if neither of them was married by the time Bristol turned 30, they'd marry each other. 

Even though both have long since decided never to force the other into an arranged marriage, circumstances and sheer stubbornness force them to refuse to back out of their deal. 

Now, they're determined to get married - even as dangerous exes and feelings they deny, block their path. 

Jason Clarke
hr min
May 12
Carrie Ann Ryan

Customer Reviews

Chicky345 ,

Embraced in Ink

Of all of the Montgomery books, I think this one hits in my top favorites. I absolutely love childhood friends to lovers, but throw in this not quite arranged marriage and I am in love. Bristol and Marcus struggle with everyone already thinking that they are a couple when they are only best friends, but as a means to not lose their friendship they decide that if they are both single on Bristol's 30th bday that they will get married, but they must remain friends over the ten years to make sure they aren't marrying a stranger. Instead of bonding them closer this bargain actually strains their friendship as they both try to avoid the possibility of losing each other. I loved the twist with Bristol I honestly didn't see it coming but I am glad in the end it brought them closer together!

charlligirl ,

Surpising Twist

I never expected to actually cry during this book. But I had tears rolling down my face. And what a twist to this story. Even though Bristol was the victim, she was a fighter and she was not going down without a fight. I guess growing up with 3 was a good thing.

I like that the Montgomery's gave them space. I think they knew something wasn't right, but they figured they would figure it out without them meddling. Except for Aaron. I can't wait for him to get his book. I hope Bristol gives him grief after the way he treated Marcus. I was surprised at how calm Liam was during his conversation with Marcus at the hospital. But I thought what he said was perfect when he gave the ring to Marcus: Figure out what it means.

This has been my favorite book so far and I thought it would be hard to top Ethan, Holland and Lincoln's book. So Ms Ryan, you have outdone yourself.

Jason Clarke is WOW. Just WOW. He manages to show anger, frustration, love, friendship, jealousy, lust and love. And the British accent wasn't bad either.