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This program features a new introduction read by Daniel Goleman and a bonus dialogue between the author and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

It is the tenth anniversary since the first publication of Daniel Goleman's groundbreaking bestseller, Emotional Intelligence which maps the territory where IQ meets EQ, where we apply what we know to how we live. Spending over a year on the New York Times bestseller list, Emotional Intelligence provided the evidence for what many successful people already knew: being smart isn't just a matter of mastering facts; it's a matter of mastering your own emotions and understanding the emotions of the people around you.

Barrett Whitener
hr min
March 1
Macmillan Audio

Customer Reviews

bfiz16 ,

Great Book, Narrator horrible

I am not finished with this book only because this narrator sounds like he is a computer, I literally can't stand it. If he was the same narrator that did Johnathan Haidt's "The Happiness Hypothesis" I would have been done listening to this book in days. The content is good, the narrator is bad.

thinkdriver8 ,

Excellent Read

Required reading for managers, sales people, and all students of the human condition. Dr. Goleman here compiles a thoughtful, academic, and thoroughly engaging journey into the vast world of maturity, character, and resilience that is the foundation of his 'emotional intelligence.' Readers without a scientific background may find the first section - dealing largely with the neurobiology of emotion - ponderous and potentially intimidating. Do not be discouraged - either push through it or skip that section (most of track 1, I believe) and come back to it later. While somewhat lengthy, the remaining content is by and large pure gold, essentially all of it necessary to round out his premise, argument, and proof. Particularly fascinating to both those who succeeded in the formal educational system and those who did not is the research exploring the link between IQ and conventional measures of success (only mildly positive) and between elements of emotional intelligence and success (strongly positive). Dr. Goleman further gives practical advice for anyone who knows s/he can be a better, more compassionate, and more resilient person, and mountains of material from which parents can learn the keys to raising emotionally intelligent children. The brilliance and importance of this work is marred only slightly by the recording. Between Barrett Whitener's pretentious Ivy League accent and vocal range comparable to a retractable ink pen (think about it), the recording was apparently done in a phone booth. If you can get past the lack of dynamic vocal range and the tin can sound, this book will really shine. Highly Recommended!

jaricaor ,

I bought it 4 times already

And I would probably buy more of it. Fist time I bought it in Spanish long time ago, My niece and I really enjoyed it a lot. Then I bought the soft cover English copy but it is really hard to devote enough time to really analyze it. Then the third time I bought this audiobook, it is exactly as the written version and I love the fact that I’m smiling in the traffic jam and analyzing what Dr Goleman says. And I ended buying another audiobook and sending it to my brother that lives far away by email.

This last time with the Audiobook, Dr Goleman book has helped me to self reflect regarding many of the smartest choices that I’ve taken in my life, despite the fact that I’ve been selected among the top 1% of the US graduates students, therefore my IQ is one of the highest in the US, I do agree with Dr Goleman that the Emotional Intelligence has contributed much greater to my outstanding success in life, than my supreme intelligence. I know this may sound pretentious but the intend of this note is not to show off, is to make the point that Dr Goleman hypothesis has been proven, at least in my own life.

Thanks Dr Goleman.

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