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Build a life of high performance following proven step-by-step strategies…

How would your life change if you learn how to control your thoughts and actions? Would you like to improve your social and communication skills? What about a life free of depression, anxiety, and stress?

There is no doubt you got interested, so just keep reading...

Emotional Intelligence is a complete self-help guide that is going to discipline you, teach you how to resist psychological pressure, and help you make a massive leap toward your goals.

Have you ever heard about mind-control? Just imagine yourself having an ability to control your next thought or to predict your next action. Usually, it seems like we control everything we do in our lives, but in reality, we don’t. It is a very unique and powerful skill set which we call mind control, and we will teach you how to do that in this book.

What about stress and anxiety? Stress is one of the fastest rising human issues around the globe, from reducing overall performance to severe lack of concentration, personal relationship problems, headaches, and all kinds of different physical pains. Imagine yourself being free of all these things I just mentioned - how would your life change?

How important are social and communication skills? 

You may already understand how powerful these skills are. More than 95 percent of people in Western countries don’t have naturally developed communication skills, and I am talking not only about a simple conversation. I am talking about your business, about your carrier, successful personal relationship, leadership, and so on.  We had spent hundreds of hours analyzing human psychology, super-successful people, their habits, their thinking, and the decisions they make to produce the best possible practical step-by-step guide.

Here are a few other things you will get out of this audiobook:

The four ways to cultivate emotional quotient
Complete self-confidence building guide
Steps to achieve a perfect balance in your personal and business life?
The 12 emotional intelligence exercises and activities to enhance your life
The three forms of empathy you must master
Ways to speak in front of big audiences (public speaking methodology)
And much more...

But why Emotional Intelligence? There are so many other self-help books out there!

We believe that the information in this audiobook is going to support you in almost every area in your life, and you can use it and learn from it before making any important decision. The information is honest and proved by science.

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Robert Plank
hr min
April 8
Charlie Creative Lab Ltd.