Emotional Self-Care for Black Women: An Empowering Self-Help Workbook to Embrace your Roots and Discover Yourself, While Learning How to Raise Your Self-Esteem and Overcome Anxiety

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Publisher Description

Queen, it's time to put on your crown.

Life isn't always easy for a black woman. We face different struggles than either white women or black men. Not only do we lack privilege due to our gender, we are minimized even more because of our race. In today's so-called modern society, we still have to fight for our rights.

Living in a world that tells us we're unattractive, unfeminine, and unworthy is a constant struggle... and it's exhausting. Every time we raise our voices, we're dismissed as "angry black women," so we keep our pain silently to ourselves. Black women are always labeled as strong—but why should we have to be? We deserve happiness, comfort, and rest as much as anyone else.

Emotional Self-Care for Black Women is a self-help workbook that will help you understand, embrace, and empower your most authentic self. The pages inside offer insights about the cycles that perpetuate our role in society and how to break out of them. Each chapter also contains simple, practical exercises to help you care for yourself on a whole new level.

In Emotional Self-Care for Black Women, you'll discover:
Misogynoir, the prejudice directed exclusively at black womenThe legacy of slavery and how it still affects us in the present daySelf-love as an active choice and ongoing journeyHow to defeat impostor syndrome and achieve new levels of successWays to take control of your mental, physical, sexual, and financial healthSteps to build healthy relationships with partners, friends, and familyHow you can find joy, confidence, grace, and pride in your everyday lifeThe magic inside you and how it can guide you to be your best selfSelf-care practices involving mindfulness, affirmations, healing, and reflection

… and much more!

Self-care is far more than spa days and bubble baths. It's everything you do to take care of yourself, and we as black women need that care more than anyone else. When the world tries to drag us down and oppress us from every angle, being there for ourselves is a radical act. Queen, you are beautiful, powerful, and phenomenal—and your ancestors lost their lives so you could have the chance to one day love yourself.

Practice self-love, step into your power, and care for yourself the way you've always wished you could. Scroll up and one-click Emotional Self-Care for Black Women now!

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December 1
Michelle Thompson