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You Are About To Discover How To Break Free From Childhood Trauma And Toxic Parenting From Emotionally Immature Parents, For Good!

It is assumed that every parent has his/her child’s best interests at heart. Unfortunately, you and I know that not all parents live up to this description of a parent.

Some parents are plain mean, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive, manipulative, lying and cold blooded towards their children. They are the kind of parents that you would rather live without than live with; parents you want to distance yourself from and forget that they exist because every time you talk to them, they bring their vile of mean comments, arguments, bring you down, and find opportunities to be aggressive even when not necessary.

The truth is; being brought up by such a parent can leave you with scars that take a lot of time to heal. In fact, children of such parents grow up to hate themselves; they just can’t understand why they were not good enough for their parents. In the end, they are likely to engage in all manner of vices, have problems trusting people, have problems in their own relationships, abuse their own children, etc.

This doesn’t have to be you; you can break the chain. 

How exactly do you do that?

Simple; you learn how to break the chain of abuse and toxicity, then take massive action towards making that a reality.

And this book will show you how - give you the motivation to get started NOW and support you through the process.

More precisely, in this book, you will:


Learn how to discern if your parents are emotionally immature so that you know what you are up against
Understand how to relate and confront an immature parent the right way to increase your odds of winning the war against the immaturity
Understand how your rough childhood has affected you up to this point so that you know if you have problems that you MUST uproot before they worsen
Understand how to improve the person you are today with full understanding of where you are coming from so that you never look back
Understand how to discover your true identity and not let other people influence the definition you have of yourself
Know how to deal with toxic people in your life and avoid them like a plague
Know how to ensure you don’t pass the toxicity you received from your parents to your children
Know how to become the perfectionist parent that always roots out for their children no matter what
Deal with anxiety and emotional instability for good to ensure it never affects your relationships again
And much more!

If your parent’s emotional immaturity has left scars in your body on a physical, emotional, and mental level, now is time to put an end to it all.

Don’t wait any longer....

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Jonathan Frazier
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October 23
Karen Susan Parker