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EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots is a harrowing story of survival after the destruction of the electric grid and nearly every electronic device in the country. Jonathan Hollerman paints a vivid and disturbing picture of society falling apart after an Electromagnetic Pulse attack against our nation.

Can you imagine a world with no phones, no TV, no internet, and no way to access your bank account? Without the electric grid, there would be no lights, no heating or air conditioning in your home, no public water, and the sewer could back up into your home. Without modern vehicles or interstate trucking, the supermarkets would quickly run out of food. Since the majority of the military is not hardened against an EMP, they would be unable to come to the aid of its citizens and maintain order. Our humanity is questioned when survival of the fittest becomes reality.

This is not only a thrilling story but offers practical, life-saving advice for an imminent threat. If you enjoyed Patriots by James Wesley Rawles or One Second After by William Forstchen, then you will enjoy this story of survival.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Kent Clark
hr min
March 25
Jonathan Hollerman

Customer Reviews

Road Nurd ,

Great story -- dont look to deep

I found this to be a very interesting story. Kept me on the edge of my seat. There were a few places where I got caught up at though. At one point it was OK for the hero to go and loot the towns grocery store but when others looted one of his cows... the looters got killed. His morality had a real double standard. Great book though.

SA Friday ,

Pretty crappy.

Pieces directly from ‘Patriots’ and ‘One Second After’ mixed with regurgitated diatribes of SERE lesson plans and Air Force Instructions and huge reality issues. Section of the book read like, “Hey babe, ya babe, OK babe, bla bla bla BABE, lollypop a revolver to make the use of the word Babe stop, babe…” So, you tell a whole building of people that they have been hit by an EMP and nobody says you are a whack job? Everyone is like, “oh ok. No normalcy bias problems here.” Come on…

This book is pretty awful.

MaineCheng ,

Fantastic Topic

With the way our World is shaping. This story has some great points. And if you Like Wesley R. books This will seem like related story.

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