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Uncover a library of time-tested psychological tactics designed to help empaths achieve their true potential!

If you're a true empath, your psyche is probably shot from processing overwhelming amounts of emotional stimuli from other people. You've probably dealt with emotional abuse, toxic personalities, and energy vampires. But it doesn't have to be that way.

This special bundle contains everything you need to know as an empath to keep bad actors and negative energies out of your life, as well as allowing your gifts to blossom. 

It includes the following books:

Empath Healing
Empath Survival Guide

Take a peek at what you're going to learn in Empath:

How to take advantage of your "inner voice" as an empath and overcome your challenges 
A simple meditation technique for empaths to help you get rid of negative thoughts 
Proven ways to become a socially and emotionally independent empath 
How to find lasting healing as an empath from abuse and deep-seated trauma 
And much more! 

Here's what you're going to learn in Empath Healing:

Common myths and misconceptions about Empaths that are totally false 
How to spot emotional and energy vampires from a mile away and keep them out of your life
Three proven ways to stop absorbing negative energy and protect your psyche 
Seven powerful ways to heal from emotional abuse and become less vulnerable to negativity 
And tons more! 

Finally, here's what you're going to discover in Empath Survival Guide:

Proven tips to help make relationships work for you and make you grow 
Ten powerful ways to protect your psyche from energy vampires 
Six field-tested ways to build genuine, lasting connections with other people 
Step-by-step instructions to help you build a rock-solid emotional intelligence 
And lots more! 

Filled with tons of deep insights into the inner workings of the empath's mind and practical information to help you utilize your gifts and keep toxic people and energies out of your life, this Empath bundle has all you need to become a better, more charismatic version of yourself.

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Paul Verson
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February 19
Marc Goossens