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Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Do you live through every day feeling waves of others’ emotions crashing into you?

You may or may not have realized - but you carry the great blessing and power of being an Empath.

Often, Empaths who are new to the understanding of their gift find it difficult to control the sources of overwhelming feelings. The constant reception of other people’s emotions can cause a roller coaster of stress and anxiety. Due to the high sensitivity of feelings of those around them, an Empath can end up caring for the needs of everyone else but their own.

So where do you start in understanding how to embrace your gift and channel this hypersensitivity into something beautiful?

In Empath: A Complete Guide for Developing Your Gift and Finding Your Sense of Self, you will find the loving and gentle ways Judy Dyer offers to guide a new Empath through their journey. This audiobook will usher your spirit to embrace the many blessings of being an Empath. It will also open new doors of opportunity for you to live your life abundantly. You will learn strategies and coping skills such as:

How to embrace your gift fully
Understanding the potentials of your energy and abilities
Coping with spiritual hypersensitivity
Utilizing spiritual healing tools
Protecting yourself from draining your energy
Normalizing the day-to-days with your gift

You will be given a set of practical solutions that you can try out immediately. In doing so, you gain the grounded knowledge of this book which will allow you to fully thrive through your journey.

Won’t you want to start living with a much better understanding of the blessing you have at hand? Get your copy of this fantastic guide as a part of your commitment to improving today!

Jessica Geffen
hr min
January 29
Judy Dyer

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Lillady927 ,

Easy Read

It was perfect for what I was looking for regarding acknowledging ones gift or confirming it exist. Excellent beginner or refresher reference. Enjoyed it very much and gained valuable insight.

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