Empath's Emotional Intelligence Guide: How Sensitive People Can Build Emotional Resilience, Be Mentally Strong and Build Better Relationships (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you ever feel that people always seem to push your buttons, and not in a good way? Perhaps you end up getting upset over little things and lose all self-control as a result? You might be an empath. Most empaths need to work on their EQ and create the mechanisms required to cope, thrive, and lead a life of emotional stability.

Relationships can be tricky when your personality and emotional affinity affects friends, family, and colleagues. There is a better way to interact with those around you without unbottling your emotional genie at every turn.

Empaths are people with deeper intuitions, a more developed sense of caring, and sensitivities to the needs of others. This can create conflict situations and cause you to feel emotionally burned out and mentally drained.

Only one to two percent of people are empaths, and they exhibit their empathy and emotional intelligence in unique ways.

Discovering your emotional resilience equips you with strategies that help you face each day with physical, mental, and social strength. If you are ready to make the decisions that influence your abilities and shortcomings - then this is the read of a lifetime.

Learning how to participate in and handle social interactions is one of the most challenging tasks for empaths as their emotional radars are always on maximum; however, it can be done.

Whether you simply seek to improve and define your relationships with others or work on your relationship with yourself, this book is for you.

Inside this book, unlock:

A better understanding of your emotions
The daily life of an empath
Emotional intelligence and how to use it effectively
The strengths and weaknesses of an empath and how to live with the awareness of yours
How to improve your emotional resilience and develop coping strategies for your interpersonal interactions

Become mentally strong, make better decisions, and react in appropriate ways without wasting energy or losing control.

Being an emotionally mature empath makes for a great companion. Having a free spirit and being truth driven means you will be able to live in every life situation with authenticity and clarity.

You can reduce your confusion, feel with more certainty, and enjoy each moment without compromising who you are. Knowing which careers suit your emotional awareness can help you trust your choices, create growth opportunities, and stay positive in life.

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