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Empires of the Sea tells the story of the fifty-year world war between Islam and Christianity for the Mediterranean: one of the fiercest and most influential contests in European history. It traces events from the appearance on the world stage of Suleiman the Magnificent-the legendary ruler of the Ottoman Empire-through "the years of devastation" when it seemed possible that Islam might master the whole sea to the final brief flourishing of a united Christendom in 1571.

The core of the story is the six years of bitter and bloody conflict between 1565 and 1571 that witnessed a fight to the finish. It was a tipping point in world civilization, a fast-paced struggle of spiraling intensity that led from the siege of Malta and the battle for Cyprus to the pope's last-gasp attempt to rekindle the spirit of the Crusades and the apocalypse at Lepanto. It features a rich cast of characters: Suleiman the Magnificent, greatest of Ottoman sultans; Hayrettin Barbarossa, the pirate who terrified Europe; the Knights of St. John, last survivors of the medieval crusading spirit; the aged visionary Pope Pius V; and the meteoric, brilliant Christian general, Don John of Austria. It is also a narrative about places: the shores of the Bosphorus, the palaces and shipyards of the Venetian lagoon, the barren rocks of Malta, the islands of Greece, the slave markets of Algiers-and the character of the sea itself with its complex pattern of winds and weather, which provided the conditions and the field of battle. It involves all the peoples who border the Great Sea: Italians, Turks, Greeks, Spaniards, the French and the people of North Africa.

This story is one of extraordinary color and incident, rich in detail, full of surprises, and backed by a wealth of eyewitness accounts. Its denouement, the battle of Lepanto, is a single action of quite shocking impact-considered at the time in Christian Europe to be "a day to end all days." It is also a narrative about technology and money. Lepanto was the Mediterranean's Trafalgar, one of the great battles of world history, and a turning point in naval warfare. It was the last and greatest moment in the age of the galleys before sailing ships with broadside guns swept all before them, and it was paid for, on the Christian side, with Inca gold.

The battle for the Mediterranean was instrumental in fixing the boundaries of Christendom and Islam and redirecting the course of empire. After Lepanto, the great powers turned away exhausted from the bitter and fruitless struggle for mastery of the Mediterranean. Henceforth, the contest for empire would be global: its new theaters would be the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, the spice islands and the Americas.

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Michael Willi ,

A time of conflict of which I was unaware.

In Empires of the Sea Richard Crowley tells us what was happening in the Mediterranean at a time when most Americans focus instead on the discovery of the New World and the battles of France, Spain and England for domination in the Western Hemisphere. While we focus on the Incas, Jamestown, Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims, back in "old Europe", Spain and Greece and the Pope are fighting to hold off the efforts of the Ottoman Empire to dominate the Mediterranean and conquer all of Europe. This book helps fill in the void, and provides considerable background to consider when looking at the conflict between the Europe (and its descendent, the US) and the Arab World. I heartily recommend this to anyone who loves history, or who just wants to know more about the Knights of St. John, the battle of Malta, and the sea war between the Ottomans and the Spanish Empire in the 1400's and 1500's.

CryoDunce ,

Book's a "10"; download's a "0"

This is a highly enthralling book. So much so, that when the iTunes download for part 2 failed, I went out and bought the hardcover. It's that good. I HAD to finish it. Beware of the download from this site. It didn't work for me...part 2 seems corrupted. They still charged me for it, tho....

zenlifter ,

Best book I've heard so far

A Venetian Naval Commander has his left hand cut off during a boarding fight. He runs below deck and has someone place a raw chicken over his stump, ties it down and returns to the fight. Before he resumes the fight, he screams at his right hand to avenge his now missing left hand. If this were a movie it would surpass the likes of Braveheart or Gladiator. Venetians, Spaniards, Ottomans, Muslims, my God did they get it on back in the day.
I could listen to the narrator talk about paint drying, very well read. SPECTACULAR BOOK AND LOOOOONG! Great Bang for the Buck.

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