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EN07: Knocked-Up

C01 Knock-Offs: Everybody’s got one! Sissy knock-offs is the rage everywhere. The American Sissy breeding farm can’t keep up with the Chinese production. The Whoring stations are empty, productivity is down. Seymour gives his spin on the history of the old USA and new USA Inc. The tides are changing. The VAC is crawling out of the sewer manholes. The C**t-trie is sliding back into the economic hole it crawled out of.

C02 Vagina Vote: The VAC is holding massive free HFA rallies, growing in strength and numbers, despite the government’s laws against Vagina worship. Its leader Hillary Clitcum, who miraculously escaped being caught at the DHMC attack, is going to run for the US presidency. The Russians are helping the VAC with rigging the election. Mary has a Recovery-Orgy party at the new vacation house.

C03 Vaticum: Mary and Jane fly to the Vaticum on Sissy Gurl Airlines. The State Department is begging Mary to save the day again. Annie and Jane are sneaking around having a love-affair behind Mary’s back (naughty gurls).

C04 Impregnation: An elaborate wedding ceremony for Mary and the Pope in Saint Penis Basilica. Mary takes a three round FO session with the worlds large Cock. She gets knocked-Up by the Pope, but misses her life-long partner Jane. Jane and Annie in the meantime are frolicking around the Vaticum playing house. Annie aspires to be Jane’s new DOM.

C05 Service Plan: After protests (sponsored by the VAC) about sexual deprivation by women, the USA Inc. plans to counter the VAC on the home front by offering vaginal sex to married women and backdoor for un-married ladies. The housewives would be able to use their husbands MO credits at Whoring Stations. Meanwhile the Boosh-Goldberg Dune family sage continues with Yin & Yang FEM gurls. The nymphs are happily playing with each other. Beth let’s Heather in on the discovery, the FEM inoculation turned Mary and Jane into Super-Hybrid Sissies. And Jane’s human sister Sue (21), graduates FUCIT.

C06 Soldiers: President Dump busy maintain the empires over extended reach with stretched resources, turns to the Chinese for a bargain wholesale deal of millions of Sissy soldier products. President Xi masterfully schools his American bitch. Mr. Goat turns Clitcum onto the experimental drug SpermAid®, this stuff works great with only some strange side-effects.

Empty Nation is a sci-fi, romantic, political satire, comedy.

Bea Flowers
hr min
July 30
Sebastian De Angelis