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Marooned on Cumberland Island National Seashore off the coast of Georgia, Anna finds time weighing heavily as she waits out a 21-day assignment on fire detail. When the sudden plane crash in the inland palmetto thickets calls her and the other members of the fire crew to action, the flames are quickly extinguished. But suspicions smolder over the cause of the accident which killed both the pilot and his passenger, Cumberland's lone law enforcement ranger.

The tightly-knit island society begins to seethe with hushed accusations. As tensions escalate, Anna and crew find themselves pressed service. Though the "experts" are called in to evaluate the crash, Anna can't let the investigation rest solely in their hands. Her inquiry causes her to stumble into shady dealings that question the integrity - and honor - of her own crew. Cumberland Island has no fences or alarm systems to guard its cherished goods, only the eyes and ears of a handful of determined rangers. But will protecting the island come at a price even Anna is unwilling to pay?

Mysteries & Thrillers
Cindy Williams
hr min
August 11
Phoenix Books

Customer Reviews

Meldrak ,

Abridged, dont waste your time

Nevada Barr is an excellent author. Her Anna Pigeon series is one of my favorite series. Unfortunately I recommend you avoid any abridged versions of her books and this is an abridged version. It is very short and the narrator is not the usual narrator for this series. I recommend you head to your library and grab the unabridged version of any abridged audiobooks and purchase the unabridged books here for a great listen. I have been going through this series chronologically and only 2 our of the first 6 audio version of these books are abridged. If you like the outdoors you will love this series.

Audiobookophile ,

Not Satisfying

I normally do not buy abridged audiobooks, but made an exception for this one because I've enjoyed so many of Nevada Barr's other stories. I was disappointed on a number of levels. The $11.95 price tag is quite steep for an audiobook that's less than 3 hours. I did not enjoy Cindy Williams as narrator nearly as much as Barbara Rosenblatt. Cindy read too fast in parts and I felt she didn't capture the differences in the characters enough.

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