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Are you suffering from a personal energy crisis?

Are you constantly running through your day, feeling chronically exhausted? Are you desperately overcommitted? Do you find yourself sacrificing your health, family time, and quality of life just to meet the never-ending demands on your time? Are you exhausted when you go to bed at night and still tired when you awake? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you may be suffering from a personal energy crisis.

Unfortunately, this way of living - and working - not only robs us of our health and puts a strain on time and energy resources, it blocks our access to our most essential sources of energy, leaving us feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

In his new book, Energize Your Life, Dr. Del shows you simple things you can do everyday to fuel your life and work with positive energy. Drawing from his years of experience consulting with executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, career changers, and self re-inventors, as well as the wealth of new research over the past two decades on positive psychology, employee engagement, and play, Dr. Del demonstrates how you can program the brain - and the subconscious - for productive, beneficial action.

Energize Your Life is different from other positive energy books and personal energy management programs. Its unique advantage is that it shows you how to fuel your life and work with positive energy from seven distinct sources.

And why is it important to increase your daily dose of positive energy? Well, several studies have clearly demonstrated that chronic stress and negative energy shuts down the creative problem solving brain, slows your productivity and puts you in fight or flight mode where very little gets done.

Energize Your Life will challenge and inspire you to develop a personal action plan to fuel your life and work with positive energy every day. Thereby improving your personal wellbeing, enhancing your work engagement, and helping you feel more alive.

What will you learn?
If your work no longer energizes you, learn simple ways to either love it or create a plan to leave it. Learn the seven keys to uncovering your passions. Should you consider entrepreneurship or is being an employee a better fit for you. Are you better suited to be a high achiever or a wide achiever? As a leader, how do you inspire others to follow you? Learn seven simple ways to expand your self-awareness. Learn simple ways to expand your energy capacity. Learn why strong social relationships are important to your health and longevity. Learn why being an indoor zombie can cause you to suffer from nature deficiency and how this impacts your health and energy.

Del Millers
hr min
May 3
Del Millers International

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