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Isn’t it crazy that 500 million hours of videos are watched every single day? And that kids and adults in the US spend 10x more time watching these videos compared to reading books?

Because of this, adults - and especially children - are struggling more with reading and spelling than ever before.

If this applies to you or your child, then keep reading.

Sarah’s child Max had been going through some tough times in his second grade classroom. “Everyone else can spell and read way better than I can,” he’d tell his mom Sarah.

It seemed as though everything Sarah tried just made Max more confused until she eventually thought nothing was going to work.

The fact of the matter was, Max had given up and began to think nothing was ever going to help him read and spell like all of the others in his class.

Spelling can be very challenging for kids, especially when more videos are being watched than books are being read these days.

Luckily, spelling and reading comprehension are two things that can still be taught in a fun and interactive way that people of all ages can enjoy.

In English Spelling and Grammar for Kids: Part 4, you’ll learn:

The foundation of what makes a great reader and speller
How to effectively read the alphabet and use it to its full potential
Those tricky vowel and consonant rules that never made any sense
Syllables and why they rule the world
Spelling tips to help you become a better speller in 24 hours
How to become the 6-letter spelling master
And much more...

Having a fun learning book like ours allows for a greater, all-in-one learning experience, unmatched by any other book in the industry.

So, if you want to make sure you or your children aren’t left in the dust when it comes to spelling and reading, then click the “buy now” button now!

Kids & Young Adults
Courtney Encheff
hr min
September 15
DL Digital Education