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A Detailed, Wise, and Inspiring Guide to Starting Your Own Business and Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

The surest way to retiring poor is working for money instead of getting money to work for you. Whether you have a 9-5 job or are self-employed, if you cannot put money to work for you in some way, your odds of working the rest of your life and perhaps retiring poor are very high. Moreover, if you work for money, you cannot really do everything you want to do whenever you want to do it since your income is directly connected to your efforts - if you stop working, it is only a matter of time before the income dries up.

This is the sad situation that many of us find ourselves in, but this does not mean this is what should happen. If you take strategic measures aimed at setting yourself up for success and attaining freedom as far as finances are concerned, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about money even when retiring nears.

In fact, it is possible to retire early. But this is only possible if you set up systems geared toward running your income-generating activities in a way that is independent of your direct efforts. This is the realm of entrepreneurship. By this, I do not mean self-employment, as the two are very different. As an entrepreneur, you set up systems that work for your business and work “on” the business as opposed to working “in” the business, which means different business operations can take place without your everyday input.

Lucky for you, this audiobook will show you the exact steps to take to make sure you don’t end up becoming self-employed when what you wanted to do was to become an entrepreneur.

More precisely, the book will show you:

Different approaches you can take to own a business
How to buy an existing business- the steps to take and various issues to deal with
How to evaluate different ideas to start a brand new business
How to evaluate/test the ideas you come up with
Sourcing funding
The different components of business systems
How to set up business systems
How to set yourself up for success in the environment you operate in
How to choose appropriate technology for your business
Choosing a business location
Product planning and pricing
Steps to take to come up with a new product
Packaging your product for maximum impact
Everything about branding
How to prepare a business plan
Operations Management and much more!

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I hope you enjoy it!

Justin Miller
hr min
April 18
Thomas D. Mathieu