Escape into Meaning (Unabridged‪)‬

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Producer, editor, and writer behind the highly addictive, informative, and popular YouTube channel The Nerdwriter, Evan Puschak presents “a brilliant, wide-ranging essay collection that explores meaning and how we make it with the thoughtfulness and open-hearted generosity that have long been hallmarks of Puschak’s writing” (John Green, New York Times bestselling author).

As YouTube’s The Nerdwriter, Evan Puschak plays the polymath, posing questions and providing answers across a wide range of fields—from the power of a split diopter shot in Toy Story 4 to the political dangers of schadenfreude. Now, he brings that same insatiable curiosity and striking wit to this engaging and unputdownable essay collection.

Perfect for fans of Trick Mirror and the writing of John Hodgman and Chuck Klosterman, Escape into Meaning is “a passionate, perceptive” (Hua Hsu, author of Stay True) compendium of fascinating insights into obsession. Whether you’re interested in the philosophy of Jerry Seinfeld or how Clark Kent is the real hero, there’s something for everyone in this effervescent collection.

Evan Puschak
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August 30
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

Ricknuss ,

Heartfelt disappointment

I have long been a fan of the Nerd writer on YouTube so when I heard he was publishing a book, I was excited. I pre ordered it months in advance.

I loved the way he would articulate art, media, and movies in such a way that was outside the box and beautifully displayed.

While there is some of this in the book, there is more disappointment than anything. I am struck by how much this book is not only written in a manner condemning anything but very liberal thinking, but the book lets down immensely what it advertised to do. Instead of creative aspects on art and life (which there are hints of) there is just as much pushing of his ideology.

I don’t care if the writer of this book is liberal or conservative but I don’t understand why he would push it so hard in a book that is meant to celebrate fascination, love, and admiration to art, movies, film, and overlooked aspects of life.

I have never been so disappointed in an author who has established so much of what I love to them pull the rug under from me. I don’t understand why we have to make each bit of work and perspective political when it can be done perfectly without shoving our own opinions on our audience.

If the author reads this, I am just so disappointed that you have such a unique and awesome perspective and that you would choose to ruin it through lackluster and mundane political pressuring.

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