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Is your dog like this?
Can’t stop, won’t stop, driving you up the wall?Stealing and destroying anything that’s not nailed down?Pulling your arm out of its socket on walks?Racing off into the blue yonder, deaf to your calls?
You got your pet to be your companion - and yet all you seem to do is yell at her!

Let’s change this right away: instead of focussing on what you don’t want your dog to do, focus on what you do want. Instead of having unnecessary battles over trivia, build up terrific games your dog longs to play with you. Soon your unruly dog will be saying, “Yes? What would you like me to do for you?”

And so begins a wonderful partnership. Beverley Courtney takes you by the hand and leads you through the games and lessons, step-by-step. There’s no strange jargon, no “Thou shalt not’s”, and every time you get stuck, another solution pops up. Her years of experience in face-to-face classes as well as her online programs shine through. Having taught thousands of new owners how to work with their puppies and dogs - entirely without force - Beverley knows just what you’re up against!

Book 1 shows you how to find your dog’s off-switch! You’ll wonder how you managed before you learnt this.

Book 2 has you teaching your dog impulse control, so that by being trustworthy around food and doorways he gets greater freedom.

Book 3 brings you the Holy Grail of dog ownership - walking nicely on the lead. In just a couple of games a day, you’ll get the calm walks you yearn for.

Book 4 teaches your dog the life-saving and sanity-preserving skill of coming back instantly on one call. He’ll have such fun he’ll be halfway back to you before he knows it.

Buy these engaging and readable, jargon-free books right now, and start learning with your dog!

Sarah Kempton
hr min
January 10
Beverley Courtney