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Would you believe it took nearly 500 years to translate the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible? That's because the ESV builds on the great translations of the past - including William Tyndale's New Testament of 1526 and the King James Version (KJV) of 1611. But the ESV Bible also builds on the best Christian scholarship of the last 100 years.
The result is a fresh and compelling Bible translation, with a timeless quality, that's trustworthy and true. That's why the ESV "sounds like" the Bible - with the kind of beauty, clarity, and dignity that we love to hear and read. That's also why the ESV retains the Bible's rich imagery and theological words - words like grace and justification and salvation - that are essential to our faith.

The result is a Bible that conveys the timeless quality of God's Word and that remains trustworthy and true to the original words breathed out by God. As Moses wrote more than 3,000 years ago, the words of God are "your very life, and by this word you shall live." (Deuteronomy 32:47).

Religion & Spirituality
David Cochran Heath
hr min
May 28
EChristian, Inc.

Customer Reviews

abminpro ,

Enjoy and wish

I like how it is done. Sometimes I hear a verse that really grabs my attention and I would like to know the book, chapter and verse. I wish I could find that with this book.

EstieDaBestie ,

Impossible to Navigate

If you want to be able to jump to a particular passage in the Bible, this is not the app for you. The entire audiobook is organized into chapters like any other book, so there are 1189 chapters. There is no notation for what is covered in each chapter, so you have to guess. Chapter 77 was Exodus 27, so I thought it was one Bible book chapter per recorded chapter, but no. Also, at the beginning of Chapter 77, it only said “Chapter 27” but not the book which makes it hard to track how close I am to my targeted passage. If you just want to listen to the Bible, cover to cover, this is probably great for that. It’s not good for daily devotional/Bible study. There was no way for me to appreciate this by listening to the preview, which I used mostly to check for voice tone and cadence.

Bradical55 ,

2018 and still needs formatting update

Hard to determine where you are (book, chapter, verse, etc.)

Good translation, good narration, but not user friendly. Good for going through the whole bible in a linear fashion.

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