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New York Times best seller Dianna Love's Beladors are back with a special story for Evalle and Storm!

To bond or not to bond should be a simple question, but nothing is ever easy in the life of this particular Belador and Skinwalker couple.

Evalle cheated death after Storm and her friends pulled her from a brutal imprisonment in another realm only to now end up unable to shift into her gryphon. Against his better judgment, Storm agrees to hold off on bonding while they travel to Arizona to help his uncle figure out what is behind an unnatural death on the reservation. The more powers Evalle loses, the more she realizes linking to Storm could be lethal.

As the investigation takes an unexpected turn, Evalle jumps at a chance to regain her gryphon and powers in an all-or-none gamble, but makes a deadly mistake. Storm has a breakthrough on the unnatural deaths only to realize he's put a target on Evalle's back.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stephen R. Thorne
hr min
April 30
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Kendell14:) ,

Awesome ride!

Dianna Love has written this lovely series and continues to do it. I love Evalle and the way she’s been written and how her story continues to be amazing. The story has a good flow to it and leaves you desiring more of the story till you finish it. She doesn’t leave you disappointed while reading the book. There is plenty of action and romance in this book. It keeps you on the edge of your seat as your getting further into the story.

Evalle has just come back to life and trying to figure out what her life is now. It’s difficult with her gryphon not coming when she wanted to call on it. It’s driving her nuts how everyone is treating her as if she’s fragile. She wants to go home and wants to be with her mate. Yet, she hasn’t told Storm that she’s struggling with her powers. Things in Atlanta are heating up when they get home and Storm wants to keep her safe without suffocating her. Taking her to Arizona he tries to keep Evalle safe while helping his uncle.

It shows Evalle’s struggles with being suffocated and Storm’s wanting to protect what he had almost loss. Evalle can’t imagine sacrificing Storm’s life to help her own by mating with him if it was even possible. So a chance to get her powers back she jumps at it without thinking about it. The murders Storm’s is trying to figure out leads him to realize that he may have brought his mate into more danger than what she was back in Atlanta.

Steven R Thorn reads the book with good empathies and does Storm real well. You can imagine the skin walker standing and growling with how he reads his parts. It’s the first time hearing him reading a book and I do enjoy it. His voice is mellow and calming, not one that sounds grating. He does well in reading the book, and giving the book life to imaginations with his voice.

I love Evalle, and her journey with Storm was worrisome and yet it was exciting. I worried about Evalle with the condition she was but everyone has to over come their demons. Dianna writes it in such a way that you feel for Storm and you feel for Evalle. I definitely would recommend this book to my friends. It’s fun and exciting.

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