Eve Of Ides: An Audioplay Of Caesar And Brutus Eve Of Ides: An Audioplay Of Caesar And Brutus

Eve Of Ides: An Audioplay Of Caesar And Brutus

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Step into the gripping world of intrigue and betrayal with "Eve Of Ides," an immersive audio drama that delves into the untold story behind the night preceding Julius Caesar's fateful assassination. Join Caesar, Brutus, and Antony at a feast where secrets are unveiled, and destinies are sealed.

March 14, 44 BC. Elected Dictator of Rome, Caesar is about to embark on a new war in the East to avenge an old friend. With just one meeting of the Senate standing between him and his foes, Caesar attends a farewell dinner. Unknown to him, several of the guests are plotting to end his life. Among them is Brutus, who is deeply conflicted about the plan, struggling with both morality and mortality. As the tension rises, Antony poses the question of the best way to meet one's end. Caesar's poignant response, "What does it matter, so long as it's quick?" sets the stage for a journey that intertwines history with Shakespeare, delving into the unexplored relationships between the key players of the age – Caesar, Brutus, and Antony.

"Eve Of Ides" brings history to life, captivating audiences with a riveting narrative. Featuring stellar performances by Edward Gero as Caesar, Robert Kauzlaric as Brutus, and David Blixt as Mark Antony, supported by an exceptional cast including Ian Geers, John Lepard, Sam Hubbard, and Janice L Blixt. Directed by the talented Robert Kauzlaric, this audio drama promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of power, politics, and the human condition. Don't miss the chance to experience history in its most vivid and dramatic form!

Edward Gero
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March 4
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