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Let's be honest - nobody has more fun than atheists. Don’t believe it? Well, consider this: For nonbelievers, every day you’re alive is a day to celebrate! And no one celebrates life to the fullest like Penn Jillette - the larger, louder half of legendary magic duo Penn & Teller - whose spectacularly witty and sharply observant essays in Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday! will entertain zealots and skeptics alike.

Whether he's contemplating the possibility of life after death, deconstructing popular Christmas carols, or just calling bullsh*t on Donald Trump's apprentice training, Jillette does not fail to shock and delight his fans. And as ever, underneath these rollicking rants lie a deeply personal philosophy and a generous spirit, which find joy and meaning in family, and peace in the simple beauty of the everyday.

Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday! is a hysterical affirmation of life's magic from one of the most distinctly perceptive and provocative humorists writing today.

Penn Jillette
hr min
November 13
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Zombiedumby ,

Happy birthday !

Awesome and funny, penn jillette's stories are hilarious and some make you contemplate, his books are always entertaining, I place him in the rank in the great ranks of george carlin, if you buy this book you won't be disappointed, I'm listening to it as reviewing and enjoying it

Revolverdrew ,

Retrying this review.

It was incredible, I loved it. My last review was rejected, so I'm not wasting my time trying to rewrite what I did before. Laughs, smiles, tears, everything. I love Penn's way of storytelling and recommend his books to anyone who likes his podcasts and/or P&T:BS! (pretty sure writing it out last time is what got my review rejected). Get the book and the audiobook- you need to hear the way he tells the stories but you only get descriptions of the pictures with the audio. More authors need to include info like what songs they listened to while writing, it adds another dimension and makes the experience more personal. Next time, I'm going to get all the songs mentioned and listen to them while going through each appropriate chapter- thinking that's gonna be wicked cool.

JoeDiamond ,

No matter what you believe

This book is fantastic. You can argue, agree, laugh, cry, and just take comfort in the fact that we don't know everything! If you take offense to something in this book, your faith probably isn't that strong to begin with.

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