Eve's Memoirs: The Answers I Needed to Know as a Woman, I Found Back in the Garden (Unabridged‪)‬

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Eve’s Memoirs, a work of her-storical fiction, offers Eve’s secret diary written in the 100th year of the Dawn. Eve entrusts her witty words of wisdom, her deepest desires and innermost thoughts, to her daughters and sons, regarding the pleasures and pains of being a woman on planet Earth. Eve’s Memoirs will cradle you, rock you, and profoundly nurture you with a mystical sense of God’s love for you, as well as help you experience the Garden and find a garden of your own.

Note from the author:

Sometime, back in my early 30s, when I was buried deep in marriage and having children, I realized - face it - being a woman is different than being a man, especially when it comes to childbearing. I reflected on the fact that I could read about history, but not often...herstory.

It was here I met Eve, yes, the Eve of Genesis, the Eve of the Garden. Eve came alive to me from the Garden where there were no religious walls, no racial separations, no caste systems, no language barriers, no pain in childbirth - just Eve with her perfect Adam and God in the Garden, and the talking animals, of course!

This encounter with Eve changed my life and view as a woman forever.

As Eve spoke to me of the Garden - her life in the Garden and her life outside the Garden - the words were like a melody of a quiet revolution that transformed my life.

I hope you find wisdom from Eve’s Memoirs to live a happier life in the Garden, outside the Garden, or in your own garden. I believe the words of Eve are universal, sharing a commonality that transcends national, religious, and racial borders, to reach any woman who has ever struggled with being a woman and hopefully help a few men understand, too!

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Eve's Memoirs

"Really touched my woman's heart." Funny, witty, sentimental, touching and spiritual.