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Get your sexual fill of extremely hot erotic adventures that will turn your world upside down!

Erotica has always been a great way to explore your sexuality. Where porn ends, that’s where imagination begins...and these stories will put you in situations that exceed your wildest fantasies. Between you and this book, there are no limitations or taboos...your pleasure depends on your imagination, and these sex stories will spark a fire you’ve never felt before!

Luckily for you, there’s now a way around that. Let me introduce you to Explicit Adult Short Stories - in this bundle you'll find Dirty Erotic Sex Stories Vol. one and Vol. two. It's a collection of short, extremely hot sex adventure stories that will let you freely explore your sexual preferences, without shame nor judgement, including topics about: Swingers, gangbangs, threesomes, anal sex, spanking, slut wives, bisexual, creampies, cuckold, BDSM, escorts, kinky, submissive training, fetishes, domination, and group sex!

Coming from a bestselling sex author Brenda Blanchard, these are some of the best written explicit erotic stories you will ever find. Finally put together in a steamy collection, these sensual encounters are set to rock your world!

In this collection, you will enjoy:

"The Delectably Vindictive": Hear about erotic stories of people swapping partners to get back at each other
"The Beauty in More": One partner isn’t enough - indulge in group sex adventures and get more than your fill of pleasure
"The Deliciously Twisted": Get a taste of what it’s like in the filthy world of bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism
"The Treacherously Seductive": Get excited as you listen all about swingers, their sexual adventures, and their intoxicating lifestyles
"The Magnificence of Duality": Peek into the world of crazy sex and the reason why bisexuals get all the fun
"The Wildly Slutty": Glimpse the thrill of exciting affairs with slutty wives and their hot, young victims
And so much more!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of carnal bliss and excitement, as you listen through stories of late night trysts, sensational affairs, exotic exploits, and much, much more.

This book is your gateway to your wildest dreams!

Buy now and get ready to indulge in sexual wonders!

Nikki Diamond
hr min
December 8
Brenda Blanchard