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You are about to discover a collection of nasty, hot, and passionate stories of all kinds that will keep you relaxed, entertained, horny, and captivated!

Forget watching porn! If you’ve had enough of it or simply don’t want to rely on porn to get your dose of lust, passion, and libido inducement simply because, as you know, porn gets boring some point, now is time to try something different. Something that never gets old or boring.

What’s that, you may ask?

Try listening to erotic sex stories that let you paint the pictures of whatever you are hearing the way you like it best!

Think about it. With literotica, you are free to take it as slow as you want it, hasten it a little, listen again to the story, put the faces of your favorite characters to whoever you want them to be (your crush, for instance), insert yourself in the story, and more. All this will, without doubt, make you hornier than ever before, drive you on the edge, wet your pants, and probably get you having an orgasm even without touching yourself when the kink becomes too much.

By virtue that you are reading this, it is clear you already know all that, so I don’t have to preach to the choir!

Lucky for you, this book features a wide collection of unique, hot, steamy, captivating, and kinky stories that will give you some out of this world toe-curling, panty-wetting, and nut-busting stories like nothing you’ve ever listened to before!

I know you are wondering:

Will it give you stories that drive you over the edge with new levels of horniness?
Does it have stories that are suited for both men and women?
Will the stories in this book be both educative, steamy, and hot in a way that helps you enhance your bedroom skills a little?

If you have these and other related questions, the answer is a yes, so keep reading!

Inside this audiobook, you will find:

A collection of hot, sexy and passionate sex stories that range from threesome, anal sex, lesbian, g******g, MILFs, bisexual, and BDSM
Real-life sex stories at different places with different people
Elaborate and unique stories that are well-explained to keep you captivated and entertained
Hot stories, such as "Couple’s Choice", "We Have Guests", "A Little Tied Up", "Let’s Make a Movie", "Dirty Talk", "Long Missed", "The Strength of a Woman", "Dasvidaniya", "Rough Territory", "Kitchen Kept", and more, each with a new angle that will put your levels of horniness to new heights
And so much more...

Whether you are into queer sex, anal sex, gang banging, or BDSM, this book got you covered, as this collection includes exciting and kinky stories that will satisfy your most secret, sinful, and hidden desires. Indeed, this book is giving you the chance to unlock your wildest fantasies!

Are you ready to for it? Don’t wait any longer. Just scroll up and click on the "buy now" button to get started today!

Nikki Diamond
hr min
April 16
Mandy Harmon

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