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Learn about how to lead people from a Navy SEAL's perspective in a fraction of the time it takes to listen to the actual book!

This is a book for anyone wanting to learn to be a better leader. While it does contain stories of wartime, it is about what Jocko and Leif learned that led them to victory. A way to construct, educate, and motivate your teams to accomplish the goals you have set forth. Most leadership books focus on the individual; even corporate training programs seem to follow the same guidelines. But to have strong leadership, you need to have a strong team. There will come a time when a leader and his or her team fails; it is a fact of life. Mistakes happen, but we can learn from them and become better from having gone through them. When everything seems to be up in the air and you've got a lot of balls that you are juggling, you have to remember to relax, look around, and make a call.

This may not be a war your company is engaging in, but you still need to decide what is most important out of all you've got going on and make a decision about that one thing. Great leadership is the reason behind the success of any team, and that isn't just the senior leaders but the junior leaders as well. It takes everyone doing his or her part to make it a success. The best leaders don't care about the tiny parts they play in the process and how to make themselves outshine everyone else; the best leaders just want the project to be a success and do what they need to do to help it along.

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How leaders take responsibility for others
The reason why great leadership is the most important part of achieving success
How to cultivate a leadership mind-set

Business & Personal Finance
Michelle Murillo
hr min
March 7
Summary Station

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