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The language in this audiobook might offend some people. If it does make you feel uncomfortable and you feel like something isn't quite right while listening to it, then great. You should feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable and out of your element is the first step in making a change. Often, growing requires an uncomfortable feeling.  

I intend for this audiobook to serve as a handbook for tracking and documenting your progress. The end of this audiobook will become the beginning of your progression to success. You will find parts of this audiobook to have somewhat of a vulgar swag to it because success and failure can be dirty, nasty, freaky things. They can be deceiving, trifling, manipulating, hence the crude tone. But the journey you will encounter in this audiobook will open your mind to understanding what success is truly made of and what it will take to win.  

With regard to the dirty language you will encounter in this audiobook, it's how I represent the harsh reality that comes with success. The pain you will have to overcome is a bitch, but it's the sweetest thing you can experience in life, besides creating a new life. Listening to this will prepare you to embrace what is thrown at you. 

Success is sexy as hell, the way it moves through time and carves out solid opportunities. We all want to get in bed with success; we all have fallen in love with success. However, before that relationship can really work, you have to date success' building blocks and prerequisites. You have to wine and dine all its predecessors in order to make the long-term relationship with success work.  

Your attraction to success probably started in your life at a young age, as did success' evil twin, failure. Keep in mind that if you're getting into bed with success, you are also sleeping with failure. This ménage à trois is unbreakable - a two-for-one, if you will. Trust me when I tell you failure is one jealous motherf--ker. Failure has a way of coming to life and demanding attention, just when you're really engaging success. You have to find a way to overcome failure’s distractions and power through each new phase in order to self-embark on the sensation of succeeding.

I spent some time collecting the perfect examples and studies of success to write the 12 chapters of this audiobook. It gives you firsthand experience to the legacy of becoming a serial winner. 

Get comfortable. Get naked. Go freaking native. Now, grab some kind of writing utensil, and open your mind. Seduce success. F--k Failure! 

Steve Stansell
hr min
July 18
S. A. Grant