Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball (Unabridged‪)‬

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From his perspective as a journalist and a true fan, Bob Costas, NBC's award-winning broadcaster, shares his views on the forces that are diminishing the appeal of Major League Baseball and proposes realistic changes that can be made to protect and promote the game's best interests.

In this cogent--and provocative--book, Costas examines the growing financial disparities that have resulted in nearly two-thirds of the teams in Major League Baseball having virtually no chance of contending for the World Series. He argues that those who run baseball have missed the crucial difference between mere change and real progress. And he presents a withering critique of the positions of both the owners and players while providing insights on the wild-card system, the designated-hitter rule, and interleague play. Costas answers each problem he cites with an achievable strategy for restoring genuine competition and rescuing fans from the forces that have diluted the sheer joy of the game.

Balanced by Costas's unbridled appreciation for what he calls the "moments of authenticity" that can still make baseball inspiring, Fair Ball offers a vision of our national pastime as it can be, a game that retains its traditional appeal while initiating meaningful changes that will allow it to thrive into the next century.

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Bob Costas
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July 5
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Customer Reviews

Travis McClain ,

A level-headed perspective

Caveat: I have read the book and have not listened to the audiobook. However, being a fan of Costas's voice talent, I can't imagine the AB being a disappointment. The book was published eight years ago, so readers/listeners will find some of Costas's thoughts less relevant today, and the steroids issue is absent altogether. Still, the anecdotes are timeless (Bob Ueker stories never go out) and fans will walk away feeling Bob Costas should succeed Bud Selig as MLB Commissioner.

davideshort ,

Great and informative

If baseball was smart they would elect Bob Costas as the next commishner of MLB. This guy's passion for baseball is the best I've ever seen out of anyone. A true baseball fan!!!!

defpotek ,

Please make this guy the commisioner!

MLB should definitely put this guy in charge...but that would make way too much sense. Genius account of how things should be done. Staunch baseball fans will love it.

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