Falling for Him: A Collection of Three Stand-Alone Angsty New Adult Romances (Unabridged‪)‬

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This special collection box set includes three angsty emotional stand-alone romances from USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Siobhan Davis.


My dreams of attending Juilliard shattered the night tragedy struck my family.

That night, a part of me died inside.

Now, the only peace I find is in stolen moments on a rooftop where I dance to remember as much as to forget.

Until I literally stumble headfirst into Levi’s life.

He’s six feet two inches of ripped, hard, gorgeous temptation wrapped in a very irritating package. I swear he was sent to test me, because his hot-and-cold attitude pushes my buttons like no guy has before.

I don’t know at what point I fall, but he worms his way into my heart without me noticing. One moment we are trading insults, the next we’re shedding our clothes and surrendering to the searing-hot chemistry smoldering between us.

He breathes life into me again.

Before tearing me apart when I discover it’s all been a lie.

He says he kept his identity a secret for my protection.

Yet I’m all alone when his enemies come for me.


Once there was a boy, with messy blond hair, vibrant blue eyes, and the most dazzling smile, who helped to mend all the dark, broken pieces inside me.

Ryder made a bad situation better. Falling for him wasn’t just inevitable—it was the stars aligning and our souls connecting at the deepest level.

Plans were made, and for the first time ever, I had hope. I believed in the future we were going to build together.

Until he left, without even saying goodbye.

Years have passed, and though I have tried to move on, my heart still lingers on the boy who claimed it.

Now he’s back, saying he wants another chance.

And I’m terrified I’m not finished falling.


He’s my eighteen-year-old son’s best friend, and I’m old enough to know better.

My marriage is falling apart, and Vander’s home life is tragic.

Yet, his broken parts speak to mine, and amid all the chaos, a true connection is formed.

The only peace I find is in those stolen moments when we share our darkest secrets and our deepest desires.

This thing between us has disaster written all over it.

But I’m powerless to resist the magnetic pull that draws us closer and closer.

Until lines are crossed, boundaries are broken, and everything I thought I knew about myself is undone.


Still Falling for You
Always Meant to Be

Tropes include: forbidden/taboo, second chance, reverse age-gap, best friend's mom, he falls first, enemies to lovers, romantic suspense, celebrity, rock star, forced proximity, friends to lovers, surprise pregnancy, secret baby.

Please refer to the trigger warning page on my website for a list of triggers.

Sarah Puckett, Ramona Master, Silas Hart, Wen Ross
hr min
December 27
Siobhan Davis

Customer Reviews

Neena Bookworm ,

Get ready for some angst and tension.

You know when you read a story and think wow that was amazing, I need something else like this! Now you get 3 of these books in a row and they will all tear your heart apart then put it back together ❤️‍🩹

Incognito - A Rock Star and a Dancer
Dakota - She’s a strange mix of fiery and sweet, mischievous and sad. Her family’s story really breaks your heart and you just want to hug her.
Shawn is forced to step back and really evaluate his life and music after the threats.
Reading Shawn and Dakota fall in love is a beautiful story as you really see how they support one another. I enjoyed the steamy and romantic scenes and couldn’t put it down. I love scenes of the guy and girl taking care of each other ❤️
The song lyrics were written so well I feel like they should actually become a song!
*The unexpected bonus is the cameos from the Inseperable characters. That book was so painful to read and to see them living their HEA is a true gift for fans of the book!

Still Falling for You:
Ryder Stone is a Rock Star and lead singer for Torment.
Zeta Williams is a magazine news writer.
It’s so easy to care about Ryder and Zeta. Their vulnerability and honesty with each other is heartwarming and you just want to protect both of them. This is more a slow burn with a lot of angst. There are some controversial and sensitive topics covered and it was done really well. I appreciated the highlight of how real mental health struggles are and the journey to overcome them.

* Always Meant to Be
Kendall is married to Curtis and they are parents to West, Stella, and Ridge. Vander is her son’s best friend.
They share a connection that is forbidden but also can’t be ignored.
This is a reverse age gap story. I’m not generally a fan of this tripe but when SD writes a book, I read it!
Kendall is my favorite kind of FMC. From her carefree sense of humor to her obvious intelligence. Her compassionate and caring nature that sees her sacrifice and do so much for her loved ones.
Vander is dominant, sweet and romantic. He also shares all the qualities of a MC that I love.
This story is epic and heartwarming. Several twists I did not see coming and what a spiral of angst and emotions. More slow burn but beautifully written.
I would love for West to get his own book 🙌🏽