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Hosted by Malcolm McDowell and commissioned by Fangoria—America’s #1 source for horror—these original short stories are fully dramatized to thrill and chill you.

Included are the following stories.

“A Fungus among Us” by Steve Nubie. A mysterious fungus is causing people to act like zombies before their heads explode and spore-like snakes ooze out of their brains.

“Wolf” by Max Allan Collins. A modern-day werewolf whose appetite for beautiful young women vacationing at a lodge retreat has guests and workers panic stricken.

“The Late Shift” by Dennis Etchison. A company takes flesh peddling to a whole new level.

“Reincarnal” by Max Allan Collins. A young woman may be the reincarnated victim of a serial killer on the loose.

“A Good Head on His Shoulders” by Max Allan Collins. In Chicago, in the early 1930s, gang wars are an everyday occurrence. Mobster Louie Carboni is used to such violence. But what can the hideous decapitation murders of seven college professors, courtesy of a maniac dubbed the Mangler, have to do with the Mob?

Malcolm McDowell
hr min
June 12
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

KimmyBZ ,

Quality Horror

Well produced, classic style horror. I call this wholesome horror with an old timey vibe to it. Not necessarily safe for your kids but I would say it's ok for 15y/o and up. The acting is good, the plot twists are unexpected, ghoulish narration is provided by Malcolm McDowell and the sound effects are disgusting. Especially the breaking bones and exploding heads (Reference to "Living Space" and "A Fungus Among Us"). How did they get that to sound so gory? In summary this is quality horror in a classic form.

TadzioTours ,

Really well done sound effects and stories--love it!

So much better than a normal audiobook, these stories get the full treatment with a score and sound effects and really cool actors--especially Malcolm McDowell, how cool is he!

I am definitely breaking this audio out again in time for Halloween. So cool--you gotta get these.

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