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In the annals of seafaring and exploration, there is one name that immediately evokes visions of the open ocean, billowing sails, visiting strange, exotic lands previously uncharted, and civilizations never before encountered—Captain James Cook.

This is the true story of a legendary man and explorer. Noted modern-day adventurer Martin Dugard, using James Cook's personal journals, strips away the myths surrounding Cook's life and portrays his tremendous ambition, intellect, and sheer hardheadedness to rise through the ranks of the Royal Navy—and by his courageous exploits become one of the most enduring figures in naval history.

Full of realistic action, lush descriptions of places and events, and fascinating historical characters such as King George III and the soon-to-be-notorious Master William Bligh, Dugard's gripping account of the life and death of Captain James Cook is a thrilling story of a discoverer hell-bent on going farther than any man.

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Jack Chekijian
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September 12
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Customer Reviews

Thundering Death ,

Strong on substance, poorly read

Where does Audible get its readers? Many are outstanding, of course, but at least an equal number are mediocre or worse. This reader falls squarely into the "or worse" category. His voice is a plodding, almost sinister monotone, and he has obviously put zero effort into learning how to pronounce ANY nautical terms that are pronounced differently than they're spelled (boatswain, ratlines, topsails, topgallants and forecastle, to name but a few) and placenames (most notably Newfoundland). Some of these are rather arcane, and perhaps it would be unreasonable to expect most contemporary English speakers to be familiar with their pronunciation, but shouldn't at least SOMEBODY have caught this? An editor? The author? Was literally everyone involved in this project asleep at his post? It's a nautical-themed book, after all. These words are central, not incidental.

The story itself is fascinating, riveting and superbly written. It's really a shame that the poor narration detracts from this.

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