Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up

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Two hundred and rising. That's the death tally for the Obama administration's "Operation Fast & Furious." The program was supposedly designed to "win the drug war" by deliberately walking more than two thousand guns across the border to Mexico. But instead of catching drug lords, Fast & Furious armed the very king pins it was supposed to trap. Despite the protests of gun store owners and ATF whistle-blowers, federal agents deliberately violated federal law-and common sense-and wound up placing American weapons into the hands of Mexico's most violent criminals. And when the guns started showing up at crime scenes-including the murder scene of a U.S. border patrol agent-the cover-up began.

So reveals Townhall editor Katie Pavlich in her news-breaking exposé Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal. While the White House has claimed ignorance of the program, Pavlich debunks their lies, denials and excuses by demonstrating incontestable proof that President Obama and Attorney General Holder did willfully and knowingly sanction the program in order to advance their anti-second amendment agenda.

A horrifying look at one of the bloodiest scandals in the history of the American presidency, Fast and Furious is this season's sensational, must-listen book that will rock America-and the Obama administration-to its core.

Emily Durante
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April 17
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Customer Reviews

Naitive Angelino ,

What?! Obama lied????

Guns and farting cows are killing Mother Earth and all her children. BAN THEM, IMMEDIATELY!!! Oh yeah, and it's George Bush's fault. If you're not in the one percent, you're little people! Seriously, this book gave my sister-in-law (who voted "Change" and got more than she expected) a peptic ulcer. Another good friend who wanted change (and now begs for it on a freeway off-ramp) had to be put on suicide watch.

Johnny Albert ,

Fast and furious

Exposes Barry for what he really is. This is a great read.

GalacticaLover ,

The Enemy Within

This is a story about the current administration's desire to ban legal weapons. The Fast and Furious plan, described in this book, put weapons in the hands of drug cartels, who killed innocent people with them and, thus, is designed to turn Americans against guns, gun stores, and then the Second Amendment. The talking points have already been parroted by Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews, and the New York Times. When the masses are worked into a froth, timed for Obama's second administration, he can claim he doesn't want to ban guns, but the people and violence demand it. 148 people, including two US agents, have already been killed with Fast and Furious guns. Now ask yourself: what kind of a plan supplies foreign nationals with weapons to undermine our Constitution? Let your answer inform your vote in November.

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