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We are standing on shaky ground.

As a wave of violent riots protesting the death of a Black man at the hands of police shook the nation in the summer of 2020, most Americans were shocked. Christians nationwide, eager to fulfill their God-given calling to bring peace and reconciliation, took to pulpits and social media in droves to affirm that “Black lives matter” and proclaim that racial justice “is a gospel issue".

But what if those Christians, those ministers, and those powerful ministries don’t know the whole story behind the new movement that’s been making waves in their congregations? Even worse: What if they’ve been duped into adopting a set of ideas that not only don’t align with the kingdom of God, but stand diametrically opposed to it?

In this powerful audiobook, pastor, professor, and leading cultural apologist Voddie Baucham explains the sinister worldview behind the social justice movement and how it has quietly spread like a fault system, not only through our culture, but throughout the evangelical church in America. He also details the devastation it is already wreaking - and what we can do to get back on solid ground before it’s too late.

Whether you’re a layperson who feels like you’ve just woken up in a strange new world and wonder how to engage both sensitively and effectively in the conversation on race, or a pastor who’s wondering how to deal with increasingly polarized factions within your congregation, this audiobook will provide the clarity and understanding you need to either hold your ground, or reclaim it.

Religion & Spirituality
Mirron Willis
hr min
April 6
Blackstone Publishing

Customer Reviews

MR55649 ,

Timely must-read from preeminent professor & pastor!

Fault Lines by Voddie T. Baucham Jr. is one of the most timely books of modern American history. Baucham explains Critical Social Justice (CSJ) and its progeny Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their own words, not as a straw man but as their own founders and proponents describe them. Baucham engages with the criminal justice literature to demonstrate the lies behind CSJ and its destructive effect on society. After having attained a graduate degree in criminal justice, it was encouraging to read Baucham’s cogent explanation of the facts of several cases, as well as the underlying statistics.

CSJ divides, while the true Gospel unites. Baucham traces the heritage of CSJ through the Frankfurt School, through Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, and back to Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory. The word “Critical” implies revolution, not reform; “Theory” a worldview, not a testable hypothesis. The “grievance studies” that have spawned from Critical Social Justice are notably bereft of any scholarship whatsoever, and are instead based entirely on personal observations, anecdotes, and assumptions. This is by design, as CSJ necessitates a deliberate rejection of objective truth in favor of epistemological obscurity and craven immorality.

The emerging trend among the adherents of CSJ (be they admittedly religious or not) is the new cult of so-called “anti-racism,” complete with heretical teachings, criminals as “saints,” a new cannon, and theologians who are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. In order to make their (flawed) case, SJWs constantly redefine words. Social Justice is wholly incompatible with Biblical justice. Moreover, CSJ is fundamentally opposed to any form of objective truth or scholarly inquiry.

Dr. Baucham says, “I see Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, Critical Social Justice, and their antecedents—Marxism, Conflict Theory, and Critical Theory—as ‘cosmic powers over this present darkness.’” And we must fight them with the truth of Scripture.

mr.drex ,

The other side of the story

What a reasonable and honest point of view with nothing to gain but the truth! This book should be read by anyone who is interested in truth.

preacher M ,

Eye opening

This book opened my eyes even more to what’s going on in the culture as well as the church! The Bible (God’s Word) is the only authority to measure what is true or false. This book is a great tool that helps assess crt, blm, etc.

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