Fear the Future: The Fear Saga, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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A predator hunts the skies over Earth. Its intent is peaceful, and its mission is essential, but it is the deadliest machine humanity has ever created.

Piloted by a six-year-old girl, the godlike Skalm guards the Districts of TASC. Her family is long dead. Her adopted father is a synthetic copy of an alien, her nanny an artificial mind connected via subspace to every part of the globe, feeding the young girl information, finding prey to satiate her growing thirst.

But the young girl is an innocent, a victim, one of millions the war has already claimed. Her innocence has been sacrificed by a man with singular purpose: a man who will stop at nothing in order to prepare Earth for the coming conflict.

The armada is approaching, its far-off engines now bright as stars in the night sky. They mean to kill us. They have the power to do so. And as oblivion's maw opens up to engulf us, we brace ourselves for battle.

We will fight to the last. Live or die, we will leave a scar upon our attackers that will last an age, even if we ourselves do not.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
R.C. Bray
hr min
February 9
Podium Audio

Customer Reviews

Mcello13 ,

Fear saga

Could you pleaseee right more SCIENCE FICTION !!!!!!!!! Best books ever. Best ever and to my demise all else available from you are bird books ! Good read I’m sure but for Pete’s sake ! Give us more FEAR !!!

Razzo090 ,

Swift Decline

First book- amazing. Second book- long winded, but hearty and well delivered. Third book- can we just get to the aliens for goodness sake? Hours of pointless chatter, adjectives, and minimal plot advancement.

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

Find out if the Earth prevails

This is the third and final volume of the Fear Saga. The Earth must somehow increase its defenses, all while crushing its own internal power struggles. Neil, now de facto dictator of the world, has focused the world on building great weapons for the coming battle. He may have also lost his humanity and will ultimately pay a great price for it, but doesn’t see any another option to saving the Earth.

The story switches back and forth between the coming Mobili armada and the Earth. The alien political struggles mirror our own in many ways. Indeed the struggle for power is the main theme of this series. We are introduced to many new Mobili characters, some sympathetic to the plight of humanity. The question is, will they be willing to sacrifice their own people to help an alien race.

Moss stretches his imagination here, introducing many intriguing ideas: can artificial intelligences, through logic and experience, actually become more human than their creators? How far does a species go for survival, when do the ends not justify the means? If a reality construct in the mind is real to the participant, can we simply call it reality? When is the body a hindrance to be discarded, would you? Can technology and humanity coexist? And many more.

It is a long and thoughtful novel, full of ideas and political intrigue. The action, as in the previous novels, is brief and somewhat anticlimactic. There is much more attention paid to the events leading up to the battles, than the battles themselves. The characters are well developed by now and the listener will have his or her own favorites, flaws and all. There are a handful of loose ends, but life is kind of like that too, people we get to know, but disappear from our lives. It is not a neatly wrapped bundle, but concludes well enough. Don’t skip the short story at the end. It is really a second epilogue.

R.C. Bray continues with his outstanding performance. It needs to be said again just how enjoyable he is to listen to, one of the best audio performers working today.

You’ve read or listened to volume one and two of the Fear Saga, you can’t possibly stop now. Find out if the Earth prevails, or if humanity is wiped clean from its own world for an alien race so similar to our own. Is it possible to go too far to survive, giving up our own humanity in the process? You’ll just have to listen to this highly entertaining conclusion of the Fear Saga to find out.

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