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Fearless: Real Estate Investing in the Era of Climate Change is for every real estate investor who has ever asked themselves, "How will climate change affect me, my investments, and my strategies for investing for the future?"

This audiobook is not a philosophical debate about climate change. This audiobook is also not about what has caused climate change or why it is happening. Climate change is real, it’s here, it’s increasing, and the effects on your real estate investments will be exponential. So, get your house in order (pun intended).

In Fearless: Real Estate Investing in the Era of Climate Change, B. L. Sheldon has one single objective, to give you a rock-solid how-to plan to thrive as a real estate investor in the era of global climate change. You will learn how to become a fearless real estate investor. Fearless gives you a clear understanding of how climate change is impacting your real estate investments right now - and how it will continue to do so in the future.

You will discover:

How to assess your (or any) region, town, neighborhood, and property for resistance to climate change impacts.
Tricks to mitigate the deficiencies in your current properties and to preserve your cash flow.
Methods to use to determine where to buy your next real estate investment property.
How to determine whether to hold, whether to sell, and how to look for the best locations for future investing.
Advice to decide what your personal risk limits are when deciding where and whether to invest in real estate.

Fearless is written for our entire industry:

Real estate investors (of all sizes)
Insurance companies
Real estate attorneys
Institutional lenders
Property inspectors
Real estate appraisers
Building contractors
Property managers
Mortgage companies
Investment managers
Credit rating organizations

If you have read this far, then you are likely either already investing in real estate, you have a desire to invest in real estate, or you work closely with real estate investors in a professional capacity and you want be able to address your increasing concerns about climate change - and how it will continue to affect your business - more knowledgeably, more confidently, and more effectively.

In short, you fearlessly want to comprehend and problem-solve the risks and variables that are quickly shifting in our abruptly changing world.

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Michael Bower
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October 3
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Customer Reviews

Kellyv25 ,

Important information for investors

Gives great information about how climate change can impact your property investments (hint: it’s not just about rising water and hurricanes). Fearless, Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change also tells you how to determine whether you should keep investing where you are or move to a new location. Frankly, I think this is great advice for homeowners as well as investors. B.L. Sheldon also tells you how to scout out new investing locales and how to keep ahead of the crowd in easy-to-understand language.
This is not a book for those who prefer to hide their heads in the sand. Neither is it alarmist. It’s just realistic, practical and indispensable advice.

Madelinekim ,

Easy listen-very informative!

This book feels like a conversation with great examples to learn from. It is easy to get a sense of the overall picture without getting bogged down in complex minutiae.