Fianna's Awakening

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    • $7.99

Publisher Description

Recover the mythical artifact before Ireland's darkest beings can claim it, and don't fall for the wrong man in the process. It sounded so easy... 

The belittled…

Aisling is tired of being undervalued, so when she learns about the resurfacing of an old magic artifact in her region, she seizes the opportunity to demonstrate her capabilities.

Her first course of action? To verify that the Spear of Lugh is indeed the real deal. To do that, she will need the assistance of an expert who’s well versed in Celtic history. 

And she knows just the man for the job. 

The exiled…

Ronan has spent the better part of twenty years keeping his identity a secret. The fate of his people depends on it. But after two decades of failing spectacularly to recover the fabled Four Treasures of Ireland to save them, he’s starting to lose hope.

When a gorgeous, breathtaking woman saunters into Ronan’s office and offers him a job to authenticate the legendary Spear of Lugh, one of those four ancient artifacts he has spent years pursuing to no avail, he’s not quite sure what to make of her offer, he must take the chance.

Has his true identity been uncovered? Or has Fate been kind to him for once? 

The threat…

What was meant to be a simple, straightforward undertaking becomes a purs­­uit more dangerous than either of them anticipated. As the entire fate of the Emerald Isle is threatened, Aisling and Ronan must learn to trust each other on a greater level and work together to neutralize the threat before it’s too late… 

For everyone.

Fianna's Awakening has an HFN ending, non-stop action, a slow-burn romance and a unique look at Irish mythology. Grab your copy today and start listening!

P.J. Roscoe
hr min
November 13
Ron C. Nieto