Find Her (Unabridged) Find Her (Unabridged)

Find Her (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Five years, three months, and twelve days.
That’s how long Wren’s mother has been missing.

She’s one of over five hundred Native Americans missing in Oklahoma alone. Sometimes it seems like Wren and her grandmother are the only people still looking. Even more frustrating, Wren's overprotective father won't talk about it.

Wren refuses to give up, though. And an opportunity to find lost pets seems like a real way to hone her detective skills. But everything changes when one of the missing pets is found badly hurt. Like hurt on purpose.

With help from an unlikely friend, Wren vows to unmask the abuser. If she can do this, maybe she can do the same for her mother's case. She'll just have to keep it secret from her father who will certainly put an end to all her sleuthing if he finds out.

Find Her explores the crisis of missing Indigenous women from the perspective of a sensitive young Cherokee girl who yearns to find her mother, while also navigating a chilling town mystery, a new friendship, and a family in need of healing.

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September 17
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