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Carnival, canals, and cunning enemies...Do you dare enter Venice’s shifter side? 

Ten years ago, lion shifter Tony Pelligrini was forced to flee Venice after being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. But now, a mysterious force is drawing him back. Is it the feeling of a ticking time bomb only he can defuse? Or, is it the call of destiny, promising true love?

Wetlands ecologist Cara Alari would rather stand knee-deep in mud than dress up for a fancy ball. But in the course of one crazy carnival night, a family she loves is imperiled, and she is unwittingly drawn into a dangerous world of power, politics, and royal intrigues.

Before Cara knows it, she’s putting her black belt to use as a bodyguard - and teaming up with a hunky lion shifter straight out of her dreams. The chemistry between them is off the charts, but there’s no time for amore. Somewhere in Venice, an enemy lurks, targeting the royal shifter elite. Because carnival masks can disguise faces - and evil intentions - nothing is as it seems. All Cara can be sure of is that her heart - and a young woman’s life - are at risk.

Anna Lowe’s Fire Maidens: Book seven in Billionaires & Bodyguards series

Danger lurks over Europe, where a ruthless dragon clan plots to seize power in the grandest, most glamorous cities. The guardians of old have summoned a new generation of shifter heroes to protect the castles, cathedrals, and cobblestoned streets of their ancestral homes - and to seek out the last of the Fire Maidens, women coveted by the dark lords for their royal blood. Those women are absolutely off-limits to the young warriors tasked with protecting them. But destiny, of course, has other ideas.

A series of sizzling paranormal romances with adult content. Dragons, wolves, lions, and more! Each story is a pause-resister packed with action, emotion, and romance! No cliff-hangers. If you like smoldering hot shape-shifters, military heroes, royal intrigue, and a hint of magic, you'll love these books. 

Join these strong heroines and their alpha heroes in atmospheric locales filled with danger and suspense!

Kelsey Osborne
hr min
February 25
Twin Moon Press