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Start the home-buying process with your eyes wide open - and outsmart the world’s most common financial trap!

Buying a house is more than just trading money for a deed. Between choosing your real estate agent and lender, picking the right neighborhood, and finally, choosing the house itself, you're suddenly making more decisions than you ever thought possible. All this while trying to keep a level head for what may be the biggest purchase of your life!

Speaking of big purchases - buying a house isn’t always a good investment. Your home can either be a destroyer of wealth and freedom or a generator of the same. This book will show you not only how to afford your first home, but also how to make a decision that gives you the most financial flexibility possible.

Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast have been buying and selling houses for a collective 30 years. In First-Time Home Buyer, they’ll give you a comprehensive overview of the home-buying process, so you can consider all of your options and avoid pitfalls while jumping into the big, bad role of homeowner.

In this book, you’ll learn:

Steps you can take (and early decisions you can make) to turn your first home into a future cash-flowing investment
How much house can you actually afford - aka, not the breaking point of your budget
When to buy a house, renting vs. buying, and everything else you should know about the housing market
How to get your financial “house” in order while preparing for your big purchase (See what we did there?)
Fixer-upper houses and home renovation - are they really worth it?
What to look for when buying a house, and what to absolutely avoid
How to choose a real estate agent and a lender that have your best interests in mind
All the steps to buying a house - from loan pre-approval, to submitting offers, to home inspections, to the closing process, and everything in between

Business & Personal Finance
Tyler Boss
hr min
April 13
BiggerPockets Publishing

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