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As one of New York's Finest, firefighter Cash Ryder is always prepared. When a woman's car skids off the side of a mountain during a snowstorm, he's there to rescue her. Cash is totally focused on the woman's well-being, but within minutes of getting her to safety, he realizes that he's nowhere near prepared for the heat that rolls off of sensual, smart-mouthed, and stubborn Siena Remington.

As a model, Siena Remington has dated some of the wealthiest, most handsome men in the industry, and she's made peace with the idea that most men are just looking for eye candy and they wouldn't know how to romance a woman to save their lives. When she's rescued by a tall, handsome stranger, she thinks that maybe, just maybe, she's found her own real-life romantic fairy tale - until he opens his mouth and everything that comes out is gruff, ornery, and aggravatingly sexy.

Thrown together during an annual firehouse calendar photo shoot, the passion between Cash and Siena sizzles, and neither one knows how to control the flames. After an evening of verbal sparring followed by a sinfully sensual night, their darkest secrets are revealed - and so is Cash's warm, romantic heart. But Siena's secret might be too much for big, strong, always-prepared Cash to handle - and Siena is forced to choose between a man who's everything she's ever dreamed of and the opportunity of a lifetime.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
April 5
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

Susan D's Reviews ,

I just wanted to keep driving around, in order to keep listening

This book by Melissa Foster is as hot as the fires, that Cash Ryder fights as a firefighter, when he meets Sienna Remington, a top model, but both are facing some big issues with their jobs. I felt the realism that goes on in both jobs, firefighter and model. The question is can their love and trust with each other help them overcome their demons. This sounds like a very serious book, and it does have some serious, emotional moments, but it also has its fun, lighthearted, moments, all written in a story, that I wanted to keep driving around in order to keep listening to it. Then, there is the narrator, B.J. Harrison. He does an outstanding job. His ability to read different people's parts in the book, male and female, and does so in a way, you always know who is talking is astounding. Read it, listen to it, that is up to you, but I do highly recommend it.

Kirsten Ellen ,

Undeniable Chemistry

WOW! BJ and Melissa do it again with Cash & Sienna.

Sienna and Cash meet when he finds her along the side of the road after sliding off in the snow storm. From then on, the chemistry that develops and grows is undeniable and just as hot as the flames Cash fights as a NYC Firefighter. But with Sienna's career as a Top Model, she is put in a situation that puts their relationship to the test...not to mention the battle that Cash is fighting to get through since he lost a man in a fire a few months before.

It takes a bit of push and pull...and a lot added Chemistry and Stubbornness to realize that these two are meant to be together!

After reading it a couple times and then finally listening to the words, you can feel the chemistry that comes out in Melissa's writing.

Torinolvr ,

Love this couple

Cash Ryder is always prepared and as a fire fighter he needs to be. He was definitely not prepared when Siena Remington ends up in his life. Cash and Siena have a rocky start but the feelings they have for each other can not be denied. I love the Remington series and Flames of Life did not disappoint. I loved reading and listening to it as well. B. J. Harrison has the ability to draw you deeper in the book when you listen. What a great narrator.

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