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Anita Blake has been asked to raise the dead-but the results aren't going to make everybody happy...

Kimberly Alexis
hr min
February 4
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

Avalanche1962 ,

wished for more

Like all extended short stories or novellas, this story seemed to have more potential than it was given. The "flirt" scene was more of a distraction and would have been better as an author's blog or afterward. The story itself seemed like an edited version or outline to a longer novel. Anita crosses another line she swore she never would and the ardeur plays its part. Another 20 or 30 pages probably would have carried it from average to good.

WinsomeFreak ,

Don't bother

I have been a long time fan of Laurell K Hamilton, and I would be embarrased if I were her. I feel like she is forcing anything she possibly can out right now. I would have been much happier to have waited for a story with an actuall plot. Too bad. It mmay make me hesitate buying future books from her. BOO

nerdylady ,

sooo disappointing

This is not a usual Anita Blake story. Only three of her loves show up in the book, and that is at the beginning and the very end. No Richard. No Jean-Claude. Nothing exciting happens. Nothing we have been waiting on occurs.
I'm very disappointed. Blood Noir was ok. Skin Trade was just ok. Flirt is empty. It reads like the first 5 chapters of a real Anita Blake book. Oh, and it is about as long as the first five chapters of a real Anita Blake book. If you are a die hard fan...go to the local library and get it.

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