Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation

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We live in a culture that es on the "bad stuff." We're constantly bombarded with negative messages from the media, advertisers, politicians, and even the people around us. Worse yet, many of us are so critical of ourselves, that we're our worst enemies.

But help is on the way. Focus on the Good Stuff offers a plan for dispelling the cloud of negativity that surrounds us. Mike Robbins has created a powerful yet simple new approach for mastering the one thing we need most of all to achieve authentic happiness and be of service to others-than is, to practice the art of appreciation.

Appreciation allows you to improve your relationships, create greater success and fulfillment, and experience a deep sense of gratitude for yourself, for others, and for life itself.

Written by a former professional baseball player whose career was ended with an injury to his pitching arm in the middle of his third season, Focus on the Good Stuff is filled with passion, authenticity and humor. Author Mike Robbins offers a step-by-step program with exercises for overcoming negative influence and obstacles, creating a truly grateful approach to life, and establishing an environment that can support success and peace of mind.

Mike Robbins
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March 19
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Customer Reviews

CamDesigns ,

Lots of good thoughts.

Change your mind and change your life.. Great reminders in here, well written and holds your interest.

wooterst ,

Get this book!

The one major thing I'm looking for when I get a "self-help" book is perspective - a chance to look at my life almost as if I were someone else looking in. As I began to answer the questions that it asked about my life, I realized that I was thinking about things I hadn't really ever considered; and I was thinking about them from different angles than I would have gotten to on my own.

The little tips and tricks in it have changed my daily outlook and have allowed me to go through hours at work and at home lately appreciating what I have. I know it sounds dorky or whatever, but the bottom line for me is that I'm having more fun and enjoying myself while doing things I have to do anyway, and didn't necessarily enjoy before!

In short: buy this, listen to it, and live by it.

Humdinger215 ,

Unoriginal and Boring

I love self-help books and have read dozens of them. I found this particular book extremely cliche and boring. It offered no new insight into the subjects it addresses, and Mike tends to use boring stories from his personal life throughout. I hate to write a bad review, but I don't think this book is worth the time or money. It's technically proficient, but has no real content. I, like others, would recommend other books such as "Awaken the Giant Within" or " Think and Grow Rich".

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