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The classic tale of men and their monsters is narrated by the host of the spooky Lore podcast.

First published in 1818, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is frequently credited as the first-ever science fiction novel. Her supernatural thriller—about a brilliant scientist who attempts to create a life and ends up destroying countless others—has become a cultural touchstone, sparking 200 years of conversations about human hubris and the unintended consequences of scientific experimentation.

This Apple Books exclusive features Aaron Mahnke reading Shelley’s astonishing tale of men and their monsters. Mahnke—host and creator of the hit podcast Lore (which has been adapted into books and a TV show)—knows a thing or two about scary stories. He’s the perfect narrator for this spooky, unexpectedly heartbreaking classic.

Aaron Mahnke
hr min
December 13
Apple Inc.

Customer Reviews

Wind,carryme ,

Speed it up a bit

I remember being a little put off by Aaron Mahnke’s narration style when I first started listening to Lore, so I can see where the people who didn’t like his narration here are coming from. However, once you get used to his certain way of speaking, it can be very pleasant to listen to. He did better with this than I think many people give him credit for. I’m very fond of his voice; it’s nice to have a favorite book of mine read by a favorite podcast personality. I would recommend speeding it up juuust a bit since he speaks kind of slowly, but that’s really my only complaint, and it’s easily fixed.

TomTheTechGuy ,

Unlistenable manner of speech

This rating is for this audiobook performance, not the book itself. The speaking style of this narrator is unbearable. It’s as if a non-native speaker is carefully reading and pronouncing each word correctly, perfectly, and individually, but not reading actual sentences. Frankenstein is a tough read as it is, but this lack of fluidity makes it unbearable.

Cherryjane ,

Great Novel, coldly read.

Robotic, monotoned, and cold reading.

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