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Hear music-comedy duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, singer songwriter Nellie McKay, and musical group Los Straitjackets.

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie are with the group Flight of the Conchords. They join us in the studio for a concert. Clement and McKenzie hail from New Zealand and were named Best Alternative comedy Act at the 2005 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. They star in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, which begins its second season in 2008. (Season One is now out on DVD). It's about two transplanted New Zealanders who live in New York City's Lower East side. (Original Airdate: 6/14/2007)

Then Nellie McKay, who's in the studio for a concert and conversation. Her new album is called Obligatory Villagers. It's got jazz and cabaret influences, with sassy lyrics that cover the areas of feminism and zombies. McKay has also worked as an actress and stand-up comedian. Her debut CD was called Get Away From Me, a play on the Norah Jones album title Come Away With Me. (Original Airdate: 11/21/2007).

Finally, a concert and conversation with Los Straitjackets. Joining us in the studio are guitarist Eddie Angel, founder and guitar player Danny Amis, and guest vocalist Robert "Big Sandy" Williams. The indie rock band's latest CD is called Rock En Espanol, Vol. 1, featuring vocals by Big Sandy and Little Willie G. The album contains Spanish language versions of rock and roll hits from the 1960s. Tracks include "De Dia Y De Noche (All Day and All Night)", popularized by the Kinks, "La Hiedra Venenosa (Poison Ivy)", made famous by the Coasters, and many more. The band performs wearing Mexican wrestling masks. (Original Airdate: 6/11/2007) [Broadcast Date: December 31, 2007]

Terry Gross
hr min
December 31

Customer Reviews

Mel 2.0 ,

Both great and terrible

Here is my beef with the Fresh Air series for sale. Why not take an entire interview with one artist, which is done and aired in one show, and sell that? Instead, I have to purchase 3 of these in order to get the interview I want.

That being said, FOTC are brilliant. Even Terri Gross doesn't get them sometimes. But they are hilarious. Check out the full interview for free on NPR. Long live Bret and Jemaine.

El Cebra ,

Hooray! What is wrong with the world today?

You can't help but admire the truths and wisdom of " What Is Wrong With The World Today. That's the reason I bought this. Leave those poor sick monkeys alone, they've got problems enough as it is! People should't cut off each others headsor stick knives and forks in each others legs.

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