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In From Beirut to Jerusalem, Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times, author of The Lexus and the Olive Tree, has drawn on his decade in the Middle East to produce the most trenchant, vivid, and thought-provoking book yet on the region.

No issue in international politics has been more hotly debated than the Arab-Israeli conflict. And no reporter has illuminated both the conflict and the rhythms of life in the Middle East with more immediacy and brilliance than Tom Friedman, twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting. Extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism on right and left, Friedman puts all the operative currents into perspective with an inimitable specificity and clarity.

On Friedman's own remarkable journey from Beirut to Jerusalem, he writes, "This is a book about the people in Beirut and Jerusalem themselves, who were going through remarkably similar identity crises. Each was caught in a struggle between the new ideas, the new relationships, the new nations they were trying to build for the future, and the ancient memories, ancient passions, and ancient feuds that kept dragging them back into the past." From Beirut to Jerusalem is a major work of reportage, a much needed framework for understanding the Middle East, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Thomas L. Friedman
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November 14

Customer Reviews

Thunderball04 ,

Good Book

This is overall a good and simple book about Mr. Friedman's experiences in Beirut and Jerusalem. He doesn't try to spin or sensationalize what happen, he just tells it from a first person perspective. His psychological assessment of Beirut may offer some psychological insight of Iraqis today/tomorrow.

Assafkar ,

Still relevent after 20+ years

I really enjoyed this book, the narrator was full of emotion and Friedman's observations about Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinians echo even stronger after withstanding the test of time. An objective, sharp and amazingly inteligent work.

Georges F Hersang ,

Great Narrative

I did really enjoyed this book. It has a great narrative and has a lot of anecdotes. But it talks about the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, not the conflict or the actual situation. Thomas is very objective pointing out the good and the bad of the past conflict. Great book by Thomas.

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