From Rifles to Roses: Memories and Miracles From Rifles to Roses: Memories and Miracles

From Rifles to Roses: Memories and Miracles

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    • $19.99

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Iva Nasr [NUHsir] is a mentor, speaker, and author, working globally, residing in the USA. In her

anecdotal and lighthearted way, she guides a Modern Mind: Open Up – Align – Focus – Shine©,

highlighted in her book From Rifles to Roses: Memories and Miracles. Her private Intuitive W-

Readings©, classes, on-going dialogues, and life testimonials give hope and inspire mind

expansion and action.

Join Iva Nasr in her memoir on her journey of recovery from the spoils of war to restoration and

allegiance to Earth and Mankind. From being a child dancing with a candle flame in a Beirut

bomb shelter to adopting an ambassadorship of hope, Iva’s purity, imagination, strong heritage,

and a series of miracles led her to the light on the other side of life. You’ll meet Mowgli, the

dolphins, and The Candy Maker, and others along the way. Soar on the magic carpet as Iva goes

from war to wizardry, reforming healthcare, healing cancer, unifying faiths, and more.

This powerful book reveals how to:

Choose - Exemplify ideals and recall the best of yourself.

Open Up - Ignite a mind-set of unforeseen, remarkable realities.

Align - Listen to inner wisdom and voices from beyond.

Focus - Divorce contradictions and distractions.

Shine - Forge cutting-edge reform and generate new traditions.

“I love this book. Iva has what I call The Bat Phone to the Universe. She has been a guide to me

for years. I have admired her, written about her, consulted her during times of trauma, imitated

her, aspired to see the world as she sees it — as an ever-unfolding tale of miracles and

possibility. Her life story (brave, exotic, stubborn, amazing) is deeply moving and of great use to

many seekers.” -Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love

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