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NYT best-selling author Carrie Ann Ryan continues Lyric’s prophecy in this breathtaking sequel to From Flame and Ash.

In her quest to unlock four of her five elements, Lyric has watched those she loves fade into ash and ruin. Bearing the weight of much loss and heartache, she and her team try to regroup and journey back to the only home Lyric has left - the Obscurité Court.

With the future uncertain, and the one person who could help her control her new powers missing, Lyric has never felt more lost. But as the pieces begin to come together in an epic unveiling she wasn’t prepared for, she’ll have to remember why she was called upon to become the Spirit Priestess in the first place.

The King of Lumière wants revenge for his lost brother, but he also wants so much more. With a missing king, a lost prince, and a few unexpected allies, Lyric will have to battle more than one enemy, and face countless unanswered questions with regards to a prophecy previously lost to the Maisons

Book 1: From Breath and Ruin
Book 2: From Flame and Ash
Book 3: From Spirit and Binding
Book 4: From Shadow and Silence

Kids & Young Adults
Bailey Carr, Holter Graham
hr min
June 3
Carrie Ann Ryan

Customer Reviews

Chicky345 ,

From Spirit & Binding

This is an action packed read full of magic and adventure. The end of the last book leaves You in suspense and Lyric wondering what to do next. With this book things are finally starting to make sense and sort themselves out but not fully. Such an amazing read I can’t wait for the next book!

The audio narration was amazingly well done. Their voices pull you right into the story.

charlligirl ,

Who will win?

I've never really been into fantasy, and YA, but I'm really enjoying this series. The characters seem to be maturing and working together as a team instead of against each other. The realms are divided, yet the royal families from both have switched sides and are fighting for what they believe in. There are traitors on both sides that must be weeded out in order for good to prevail. Add in the mystery of the Gray and you don't want to put down the story.

The question remains: What will happen to the crystals and the realm? Will they unite and heal or will they divide and die? Only the last installment of this series knows. And it can't come soon enough.

This is only the second book I have listened to by Bailey Carr and Holter Graham. The first being the first book in this series. I feel they embodied the characters and threw themselves into the story. The raspy voice of the Gray and his minions. The wise and tired voice of the seer. Both are perfect for these roles.