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I knew the sins of my past would call to collect what was left of my soul. If I'd known the price I'd pay, I would've sacrificed more to stay hidden from the magic.

In the middle of Wyoming - away from the abnormals of the world - I thought I was free and clear. I started a new life. Found a love I'd never known in a husband, and a son who was my everything.

And in a blinding instant, that life was stolen from me.

The rage of a grieving mother is an ugly beast. More so when she has the skills and killer instinct to back up the wrath and the knowledge that an accident was anything but.

Once more, I will pick up my guns. This time to hunt those who took my husband's and son's lives.

Let them see the assassin, trained to kill abnormals and stalk the shadows again.

Let them see the Phoenix rise from the fragments of a broken life as she burns with a fury that cannot be contained.

Let the killing games begin.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Khristine Hvam
hr min
July 27
Hijinks Ink Publishing

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GraphicsChyk ,

From tragedy to revenge, a tale of a mother's love and butt kicking.

Wow. Just WOW. First book in a brand new series from Shannon Mayer and it keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through. All Nix wanted was to live her live with her husband and son, but her past just couldn't stay in the past. Nix was raised by her father to hunt and kill abnormals for him. You might guess that dad isn't going to win Father of the Year. Nix got away from all that, fell in love and started a family. Now that has all been stolen from her. Her family is gone and now she's on the hunt for those who took them from her. Watch out world, Nix is coming and she's armed and very very dangerous. This book left me eager for the 2nd book. You should really buy this!

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