Gage: A Pittsburgh Titans Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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Veteran player Gage Heyward retired from the league following a successful career. Now the Titans need him, but does he have what it takes to get back on the ice and pull this team together?

After achieving the goals I set for myself, I walked away from my professional hockey career. It was a tough decision, but the right one at the time. When the Titans organization approached me about joining the team they were rebuilding following a devastating plane crash, I felt a passion for the game and a competitive spirit I hadn’t felt in years. The opportunity to make a huge difference to a lot of people spoke to me, and I accepted their offer and headed to Pittsburgh without a second thought.

Jenna Holland is also new to town, having moved from Phoenix to Pittsburgh to take a job with the Titans. Her past has left her with scars—both physical and emotional—and she’s slow to trust others. But the more I learn about Jenna, the more I want to know. The more I need to know. Because the beautiful blonde with honey gold eyes and a wall around her heart has me enamored.

My game on the ice is the best it’s ever been, but it’s my game off the ice I’m focused on these days. Because while Jenna may not be willing to take a chance, I know the potential is there for something big. Something life-changing. Now I just need to convince her to take the shot.

Lance Greenfield, Virginia Rose
hr min
July 5
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer1966 ,


Gage is the true definition of a gentleman; he's compassionate, somewhat protective and loyal to those he cares about, This is just the kind of man Jenna needs. After suffering horrific burns to her back, butt and legs and hiding her scars behind scarfs and turtle necks, Gage sees her real strength and encourages her let her true self show. Not only is Gage there for Jenna, he's also there for his teammates as they try to rebuild after the devastating plane crash.

The third story in the Pittsburgh Titans series. It's a wonderful story!

Pattyfgd ,

Loving this series!

Pittsburgh Titans 3
By: Sawyer Bennett
Narrated by: Lance Greenfield, Virginia Rose

Gage. The perfect book boyfriend! Sawyer Bennett has stolen my heart with this one. Gage has come out of retirement to help rebuild the Titans and is doing his best to be a good role model for the others. Jenna has come to Pittsburgh to start a new career in the media section of team and has caught Gage's attention. And our story begins. Gage is romantic and patient, attentive and loving. Jenna has some confidence issues, and Gage makes her shine. But the story is much more than just the romance of Jenna and Gage. We get a look inside the team as it begins to gel. Players reactions, issues of survivor's guilt come clear, and some self destruction looks like it may be on the horizon. I am loving the direction this series is taking. It is dealing with relevant issues with compassion, and keeps the romance flowing. The team feeling continues as we have crossover characters and leaves us feeling like we are part of it all. It's fabulous.

Narrated by Lance Greenfield and Virginia Rose, we are treated to narrators who know how to bring a story to life. Greenfield is Gage, bringing out all the warmth and protectiveness he has. He also carries that through as a leader to the team, creating a man to look up to. Rose plays Jenna with the perfect amount of hesitancy and fear and lets us feel her turn into the butterfly she is. The inflections in her voice show the changes in her and it's amazing to hear. This team always is great together and they gave an outstanding performance.

Bette H ,

Outstanding Story &Narration🎧 Riveting & Heartfelt!

I am loving this series and would never get enough of these characters and the Pittsburgh Titans. After a tragic and devastating loss, the one remaining owner has gotten the team up and running, but they still face plenty of obstacles, including getting the team to work as a cohesive unit, Gage, a senior player from Seattle came out of retirement to help with that as an experience player he knows the importance of having that camaraderie amongst the players. One of the original players, Coen, is still struggling, not sure with what yet, but maybe PTSD or survivor’s guilt, regardless I am intrigued and looking forward to learn more about him next. Gage did his best to reach out to him, but you can only help those who want the help. I adored Gage, he is an all-around great guy with an enormous heart and when Jenna catches his eye, he sees something in her, something beyond all her scars. Taking a job with the Titans was a big move for Jenna Holland, leaving her home in Phoenix and her life behind, if only she could leave her insecurities and trust issues behind too. She and Gage hit it off, but she thinks he is just being kind to her, no one would want her because of all her scars, except those scars do not prevent him from seeing her as a person and he likes what he sees, he just needs her to see it. Gage was amazing with her, patient and understanding, and when he realizes taking it slow may not have been the best approach, he steps it up a notch. I loved watching these two get to know each other and to see her come out of her shell, get past her own insecurities and blossom into the beautiful woman she is, the beauty that Gage saw. Sawyer Bennett, thank you for another wonderfully plotted story, loved how Gage and Jenna’s story played out and how much heart you put into this story.

🎧📚🎧 And for the amazing narration, Sawyer Bennett could not have chosen a better cast to bring her characters and story to life. Lance Greenfield and Virginia Rose are wonderfully talented narrators and versatile voice artists. They have a complete understanding of the characters they portray, give each a voice that fits the character’s persona, sounding believable and just as I picture the characters to sound. You can hear how much heart they put into their performance as they capture the character’s emotions and project them into their performance and have you feeling every single one. These entertaining storytellers are a pleasure to listen to and their narration enhances an already fabulous story to another level. Thank you for another fantastic listen!

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