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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to help make your gardening more of a pleasure and less of a chore. Gardening is a low maintenance hobby which does not require anything more than your love and attention. Gardening can be in many forms: small or big flower gardens or vegetable gardens, gardens with water bodies, landscaped gardens, etc. If you have the space and time, the resources and money, or simply an active imagination, you can make a dull piece of land come alive. However, not everyone can adapt to gardening with ease. Maintaining a garden is hard work, and a little education on how to get started and how to maintain your interest can definitely help.

Gardening may seem quite simple, when you're watching someone else do it. If you're venturing into gardening thinking that you will be able to take on the whole garden and convert it into a beautiful haven overnight for the local flora and fauna, then you may be way off the mark. Newcomers to gardening are always advised to take it easy at first, and start with a small area, so that they get accustomed to the activity and other techniques involved. Once you have learn the basics and individually manage to develop a small area, then you will be able to take on the rest of the garden with an educated approach and with more confidence.

Beginners often do not pay attention to details and tend to get carried away by the look of the plant or by the beauty of the flowers. However, it is important to know everything about the plant you are buying for your garden, including details such as what type of soil is needed for the plant, how much sun it needs, and what fertilizer should be used. Get all the information about the plants you like, and talk to the person at the nursery to get more details.

Working outdoors is hard work, but not always. Many people actually find gardening to be a good distressing activity. Nurturing and watching your plants grow can add color to your stressful life which can be an exceptionally rewarding experience not to forget the exercise, and the healthy amount of fresh air you get as you plant your garden.

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A guide to gardening
Portable mini-greenhouses
Choosing plants for container gardening
The beautiful garden
Ten tips to get seedlings off to a healthy start
How to start a successful vegetable garden
How to start an organic garden
Using a garden shed as a greenhouse
Much, much more!

Jeffrey A. Hering
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October 31
Patricia Carlisle